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We make every day Earth Day!

Earth Day!

We hope not to offend Mars or Jupiter — or, sadly, Pluto (pour one out for our homie…) — but next Thursday is Earth Day.

And we should celebrate! We only get one planet — it’s up to us to steward this blue marble, rocketing alone through the infinite vastness of space. It’s our home for a cosmically short amount of time: we’re here and gone in the blink of an eye, but Mother Earth is eternal. (We hope.)

Leave things better than we found them, that’s our mission on this planet. There is much work to be done: the world only spins forward. All we can do at this point is make an attempt to clean up the messes of previous generations while ensuring that future generations can enjoy themselves here as we have.

After all, it’s the only planet with beer.

So, in honor of this singular day, we have ten reasons you should make Cape May Brewing Company a part of your celebrations.

10. Save the bees! Next Thursday, each table will receive a packet of wildflower seeds, on the house! Take them home, plant them up, and contribute to saving the planet in your own, small way.

9. We like to Be a Good Neighbor at Cape May Brewing Company, so, for Earth Day, the Brew Crew will spend the afternoon cleaning up the Cape May Airport! Come down and cheer us on!

8. We have a bunch of our reusable bags to give away on Thursday. Stop into the Brewtique and pick up yours — free with each purchase!

7. Recycle your aluminum cans! Not sure if you’ve heard, but there is a worldwide aluminum shortage, making it difficult for all sorts of beverage companies to package their product. So, once you polish off that four-pack of That Cherry Lime Good Good, be sure the cans make it into your recycling!

6. Cape May Brewing Company reduced waste by using PakTechs — those nifty aluminum can holders for six-packs. They’re all made from recycled post-consumer products, and, throughout last year, we repurposed 306,414 recycled containers into handles. Go us!

5. In addition, PakTechs are reusable. They certainly come in handy for beer trades. Use them to create a mix pack to bring to your next trade!

4. Our growler exchange program keeps our growler filler free from COVID contamination and reduces waste! We’ll do a one-for-one exchange for growler fills, sanitizing each growler for 24 hours before putting it back into circulation. Get a fill today!

3. Our award-winning Honey Porter was the first beer in the state to receive the Jersey Fresh designation, a fact of which we’re exceedingly proud. As always, Cape May Brewing Company is Jersey Proud!

2. Apparently, Ryan’s high school science teacher claimed to be the son of the guy who invented Earth Day. So… there’s that.

1. We make every day Earth Day! Stop down to the Tasting Room in the Cape May Airport and join us!