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“Craft beer drinkers in Delaware are excited!”

Delaware, Here We Come!

Let’s talk about some great days in history.

Sometime in 5000 BC: Beer was invented.

July 4, 1776: America was invented.

September 21, 1950: Bill Murray is born.

July 4, 2011: Cape May Brewing Company is founded.

March 2, 2020: Cape May Brewing Company begins distributing in Delaware!

“We’re excited to bring our beers across the Delaware Bay and into the First State,” Ryan says. “While small in size, Delaware is a big craft beer state, with discriminating connoisseurs from Wilmington to Bethany Beach. We’re thrilled to provide our fans in Delaware with our brews, and we’re looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Standard.”

We’re so close to one another: New Jersey and Delaware. Only a short trip across the Bay or the Delaware Memorial Bridge. Yet, you guys have been anticipating this for a long, long time.

“Craft beer drinkers in Delaware are excited,” says Tim Schuler, Director of Marketing at Standard Distributing. “As we’re neighboring states and have two access points: from the north and, of course, from the Cape May-Lewes Ferry in the south, Standard’s customers are anxiously awaiting the great beers from Cape May Brewing Company.”

Regional Sales Manager Erin Gale has been covering Philadelphia and Eastern Pennsylvania for Cape May Brewing Company for over two years and can’t wait to make the move south.

“It makes sense for us,” she says. “Pennsylvania has been so welcoming to Cape May Brewing Company that, as the final piece of the Greater Philadelphia area, expanding into Delaware is a logical next step. I am so excited for Delaware beer lovers to get Cape May beers, and I look forward to a great relationship with Standard Distributing.”

And Standard Distributing is some serious business. They’re family-owned and -operated, and they’ve been doing this since the end of Prohibition. They know their stuff. They’ve opened Delaware to some of the biggest names in beer, winning a ton of awards in the process.

“We wanted to partner with Cape May Brewing Company for a few different reasons,” says Chris Tigani, General Manager of Sales and Marketing at Standard. “Not only does Cape May Brewing Company make great beer, but they also make a great variety of brews. They fit well within our portfolio — we’re selective with whom we partner, as is Cape May Brewing Company. We’re entering this relationship with the long-term goal of building a leading craft brand.” 

Sales Director Bill Zaninelli is looking forward to this partnership, too.

“As a fellow family-owned company,” he says, “we have much in common, not the least of which is being passionate about what we do. Standard has been the biggest name in Delaware for decades and is excellent at what they do, particularly with their attention to serving the Delaware beaches — something that’s especially important to us, as Cape May Brewing Company is nearly synonymous with fun times at the beach. Standard has a great plan for Cape May Brewing Company, and we’re all expecting great things out of this partnership.”

We’ll be sending them four of our core brands to begin — Cape May IPA, Coastal Evacuation, Cape May White, and Always Ready — in cans and on tap. The Bog, The Grove, Tan Limes, and Crushin’ It will follow later in the year.

“I think the core brands will be very solid,” says Schuler, “leading with Cape May IPA and Coastal Evacuation, as IPAs are a huge part of our craft beer fans’ palates. I also think The Bog and The Grove will be huge successes in Delaware since they are so approachable and crushable, and, speaking of crushable, Crushin’ It should do exactly that, particularly at the beach: Delaware is known for the Orange Crush.”

We’ll have more news as the March 2nd date gets closer, including some awesome events. We can’t wait to see you, Delaware!