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"The Mezcal variant is my personal favorite of the two and I look forward to sipping on this one on cold December nights next to a fire."

Deck Your Home With Boughs of Barley

It’s that time of year again, folks! We’re back with more Boughs of Barley variants.

This year, we grabbed some Wheat Whiskey and Mezcal barrels to create two versions that pair well with sharing with loved ones, sitting by the fire, and tasting nights.

Ice skates and candy canes, brightly lit trees, and spending quality time with close friends and family—the sights and sounds of the season are upon us, bringing joy to one and all. That’s what Boughs of Barley is for: celebrating the season in all its glory. 

For this year’s Barrel-Aged Boughs of Barley variants, we brewed a single malt Golden Promise golden barleywine ale delicately hopped with Styrian Goldings, and laid half the batch to rest for many months in freshly dumped Mezcal barrels and the other half in choice Wheat Whiskey barrels. Boiled for over four hours to develop a rich depth of flavors, we’ve created a robust brew for your holiday season. Ample conditioning time in the mezcal barrels yielded a well-rounded body with gentle whiffs of BBQ smoke and a subtle agave sweetness for the Mezcal version, while the Wheat Whiskey barrels yielded a well-rounded body with sweet vanillin and coconut aromas for the Whiskey version.

Brewery Operations Manager James Fox notes that this year’s batch focused on making a simple beer with complex flavors.

“We did an extended 4 hour boil on this beer which causes the wort to undergo a significant maillard reaction. This causes the wort to darken and develop all those delicious deep and complex caramel and toasted biscuit flavors. We added just enough styrian golding hops to add some stability and act as an accent to the wonderful malt character,” he says.

“We like to treat the barrels we select for each Boughs of Barley as their own ingredient and let that character shine through,” he shares. “It was in the barrels that this liquid really developed into its own. This year, we put a slight twist on the bourbon variant by using wheat whiskey. Wheat whiskey has a much softer and smoother flavor than typical whiskey, which lends itself quite beautifully with the caramel and toasted malt flavors in the base barleywine.”

“For the other variant, we went back and forth quite awhile trying to find something that was not only interesting and different, but would complement the beer as well. We discussed using tequila barrels, but we thought it wouldn’t quite hold up to what we were looking for. That’s when it hit me to use tequila’s sibling spirit, Mezcal, for the second barrel choice. The Mezcal barrels added a light smoke accent that blends flawlessly with the sweetness and toasted notes in the barleywine to create a vastly different drink. The Mezcal variant is my personal favorite of the two and I look forward to sipping on this one on cold December nights next to a fire,” he says.

Grab a bottle of one (or both!) of these while these variants last, because these limited releases will be gone before the first notes of Auld Lang Syne!

Each bottle will be $17.99, and you can grab them from the Brewtique starting today, Friday, November 26th! They both run near 11% ABV, with the Mezcal barrel-aged version at 10.90% and the Wheat Whiskey barrel-aged version at 11.10%.