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Need some last-minute gift ideas? Beer is always a great choice

Dad-Approved Brews for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just a few weeks away, and while we have some awesome merch for dad, there’s also a number of different brews that you can share with the dad in your life this year!

Maybe that’s you, maybe it’s a neighbor, friend, or family member. Either way, check out the brews our Brew Crew Dads love so you can plan your gifts for this year.

“Happy Father’s Day to my dad John. Thanks for teaching me how to fish, being my favorite person to watch sports with, and of course, taking me to some of the greatest concerts in my life. I owe you a 4-pack of Follow the Gull and a day of fishing at the bay!” 

—Tasting Room Supervisor Danielle Brasch 

“My Dad loved the classic Cape May Lager. I alway keep an eye out for when it makes a cameo return and stock up for him.”

—Accounting Lead Katie VanZandt

(Ed. note: While this is a recently retired-for-now brew, make sure to check out our Helles lager Boat Ramp Champ, which fits perfectly into our lager lineup!)

“My dad’s favorite CMBC brew is Tan Limes! We stock piled it to get him through all winter and as soon as it came back for the summer, guess what, I started bringing it home again for him! He loves drinking it while grilling in the backyard! This Father’s Day, I’ll be sure to bring even more home for him to enjoy!”

—Executive Assistant Andrea Sharp

(Ed. note: We also have something in common with Andrea’s dad! Winter was made just a bit more bearable this year thanks to all the cans of Tan Limes we hoarded.) 

“My Dad’s go-to brew has always been Devil’s Reach, even long before I started working with the company! While the suggested limit of Devil’s Reach is 2, I recall being his DD after him enjoying 2 or 6 Devil’s Reach cans with friends!”

—Sales Associate Jenna Rae Rohana

(Ed. note: Jenna’s dad is all of us, honestly.)

“My girlfriend’s dad likes Cape May Lager.”

—Brand Ambassador Gavin McGee

(Ed. note: Hmm, sounds like he’d really like Boat Ramp Champ!)

“My Dad, Franny V, his favorite Cape May beer is our flagship IPA. He loves the perfect balance of hops and malt. We always enjoy a few after working on my house, going hiking, or on our kayaks! You can also find us in the Eagles parking lot tailgating and enjoying a few as well. Here’s to the cool Dads out there, Cheers!”

—Sales Manager Chris Verderame

“My dad LOVES Crushin’ It.”

Brewtique Associate Kara Kowalski 

“The year before I started working at CMBC, I brought my dad here for Father’s Day to treat him to a flight, since it was one of my favorite places. His favorite was Always Ready, so I went into the brewtique to buy him a 6-pack to take home, and a t-shirt too. I still buy him a 6-pack here and there, and he’s always grateful for it!”

—Beertender/Brewtique Associate Kaley Palasch

(Ed. note: Be like Kaley and bring your dad to Cape May Brewing Company!)

“My dad’s favorite Cape May brew is Coastal Evacuation. Perfect beer for the beach on a hot summer day!”

 —Sales Manager Scott McIntyre

“My father Bert’s favorite beer is Follow the Gull.”

—Tasting Room General Manager Chris Costello

“I’m a dad, and I love Devil’s Reach – dad approved!”

—Brand Ambassador Matt Weber


All right folks, you have your marching orders! There’s an array of great beers we have that are already dad-approved, including IPAs, pale ales, belgians, and lagers! If you need a gift for Father’s Day and they love lagers, we cannot hype Boat Ramp Champ up enough, and if they’re more of a Corona kind of person, our Tan Limes is the perfect fit. 

Make sure to swing by our Tasting Room to grab some of these brews, or better yet, bring dad out so he can try some brews on tap or hit up your local restaurant or bar that has our brews!



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