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“One of the best I've had from Cape May. Funky light aroma, hoppy, fruitful flavor, and a dry finish.”

Crusty Reviews

We’ve been brewing Crusty Barnacle since 2013, and it’s been a huge hit with both fans and the Brew Crew alike.

Originally brewed by the Tasting Room as a team beer, Crusty Barnacle is an American Pale Ale fermented entirely with Brettanomyces lambicus, and it will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about our good friend Brett.  

Since it’s the only fermenting yeast, it gives off more fruit than funk, more juice than barnyard. You’ll get notes of cherry pie, pineapple, apricots, and some floral characteristics. Because of that, we use Amarillo, Centennial, and Citra hops — all primarily citrusy in nature — to bring out more of those fruit-forward flavors.

Read what our devoted fans had to say about Crusty Barnacle!

1M6A9462“Like it and it smells great.” — Steve B.

“Pretty good, Brett is present but blends with the hops. I’d buy a 6 for a changeup.” — Dave M.

“Solid hazy IPA.” — Mark F.

“Mmmmmmm dry hops.” — Mark S.

“Citrusy good pale ale. Like it a lot.” — Tommy G.

“Yum. Didn’t expect a new Cape May IPA. And it’s great!” — Bill G.

“Got a spicy bite to it.” — Prof. Leibs

“Well attenuated Brett driven beer. Very nice. Slight acidity.” — Patrick M.

“Light and extremely hoppy.” — Anthony

“Clean, crisp, and refreshing. The Brett gives it a nice touch of tang.” — Larka B.

“Yum! Not as much Brett as hoping for, but delicious!” — Matt T.

“Hint of lemon zest. Refreshing.” — Mindo C.

“Upgrade. Super fresh. Really getting the tropical notes today. The Brett is piercing but not barnyardy overwhelming. Almost tart finish.” — Brett R.

“One of the best I’ve had from Cape May. Funky light aroma, hoppy, fruitful flavor, and a dry finish.” — Jesse

“Pale ale with a touch of hop.” — Kathy G.

“Light, goes down easy.” — Kevin G.

“Awesome hazy ale. Very drinkable.” — Shea M.

“Wow. Very nice, guys!” — David B.

“Tasty! Kinda juicy.” — Missy L.

“Grows on you like a barnacle.” — Jordan M. (Is… is that a good thing…?)

“Citrus notes, crisp. Not bad at all.” — Rich A.

“Piney piney piney” — Jim K.

Crusty Barnacle releases Friday, July 19th from the Tasting Room and for distribution. Check our Beer Finder to find a retail location near you!