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“It’s baaaaack!”

Crushin’ It Reviews

These days, many of us are learning that some days are better than others. However, just about any day can be made better with one thing: Crushin’ It.

Refreshing and great for the beach, Crushin’ It is soon to be your summer staple. With Citra, Mosaic, and Azacca hops blending together to accentuate the fresh flavors of orange juice, Crushin’ It is dry, approachable, and perfectly balanced. 

When we first dropped this beer as a one-time Tasting Room-only release back in the summer of 2018, the response was overwhelming: we knew we had to bring it back the following year. When we did, we couldn’t keep it on the shelves of the Brewtique. So, scaling this one up was a no-brainer.

Crushin’ It is currently available in the Brewtique for growler fills, and will be released in 12-ounce cans and will be available throughout New Jersey beginning April 8th, with Delaware to follow on on the 13th and Pennsylvania on the 14th.

Check out what our fans have to say about this extraordinary orange IPA!

“It’s baaaaack!” — Jake G.

“Reminiscent of the cocktail” — Stu

“Birthday beer!! My favorite!!” — Nick P.

“Like a mimosa” — Krissy S.

“Yumm…. Beer Mimosa. Very easy to drink.” — Sid J.

“As it says, an Orange Juice IPA. Fruity and would be even more enjoyable on a hot, sunny day.” — Steve – Oh!

“Bright orange flavors. Bold and tangy.” — Hailey M.

“Orange Juice Beer. ?” — Andrew W.

“Very fruity. Not your typical IPA.” — Tim R.

“Very light orange taste, doesn’t overtake the beer at all. Takes the bite out of the hops.” — Clifford L.

“Wow, too easy to drink, never had an orange crush before Cape May, this beer tastes just like it, citrus, juicy, creamy.” — Alex D.

“Juice ?” — Kurt L.

“I can’t believe this is 8%. Friggin’ dangerous, man!” — Giarc M.

“Favorite IPA at CMBC” — Stephen M.

“Orange!” — Bamby B.

“Very citrusy” — Andy G.

“Best ‘orange crush’ I have had to date.” — Steve C.

“Better than any orange crush I’ve ever had. Drool worthy.” — Morgan O.

“My favorite Cape May I’ve had.” — Bill M.

“Delish” — Sally T.

“Best beer I have ever drank!!” — Todd D.

“They are, in fact, crushing it. Wow. @capemaybrewing please make this a consistent brew.” — Matt R.

“Orange crush soda and beer made a baby.” — Cassandra R.

“Juicy with a slight bitterness of rind in finish, reminiscent of Orangina. Easy drinkin’.” — Geoff D.

“Wow! A beer-mosa-esque delight! Just don’t get too delightful with this 8% sneaker.” — Kris

“Explosion of citrus. Tangerine orange and lemon. Kind of lager-y finish. Juicy.” — Cheyenne P.

“If orange juice was a beer, this would be it.” — Eric S.

“Excellent !!! Straight up OJ. At the brewery for a minute.” — Tommy G.

“Yummmm!” — Christy

“Very orange juicy….it’s a breakfast beer!” — Lorraine

“Like a glass of fresh squeezed OJ.” — Don B.

“One of my favorites.” — Krista C.

Crushin’ It is available now for new growler fills in the Brewtique. Order online for delivery to Cape May, Atlantic, and Cumberland Counties! We’ll have 12-ounce cans available in the Tasting Room and throughout the state beginning April 8th, with Delaware to follon on the 13th and Pennsylvania on the 14th.

Crushin’ It will only be around for the summer, so don’t miss it!


  1. Kevin Seitz

    Could not wait for Crushing it to come back excellent summer beer taste just like orange juice with a kick Cape May Brewery keep up the great work you do you all be safe during these times see you for some Crushing It

    1. Cape May Brewing Company

      Thanks, Kevin! See you soon and stay safe!

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