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“I always have my CMBC Brumate and koozies with me!”

Craft Your Experience: How Do You CMBC?

Whether you know us from pints poured at your local watering hole, coveted cans picked up at your favorite liquor store, or visiting the Tasting Room while down at the shore, there are so many ways to experience and enjoy Cape May Brewing Company.

This week, we reached out to some of our crew to get their perspectives on how they craft their experience with us. 

What are some ways that you can craft your Cape May Brewing Company experience? If you’re at the Tasting Room, that might be going through the flight line to try some of our latest beers with friends, grabbing a pint of a favorite staple after work and hanging out at the bar, or grabbing a corner table section in the Beer Garden with family to catch up and enjoy. During the summer season, if you’re looking for an idyllic escape from the hustle and bustle, the Brewtanical Garden is the perfect respite to grab a pint (and now a flight!) of some Cape May favorites while you challenge your loved ones to a game of cornhole or Jenga.

If you’re on your way somewhere and need to grab some beer, are looking for some more swag, or want to find the perfect gift, our Brewtique has cans of just about all of our latest offerings, including our hard seltzers, and there’s always something new to find, whether it’s a cool hat, much-needed accessory, or apparel staple. 

If visiting Cape May isn’t in the cards for you at the moment, there are still so many ways to show your love! Grab a pint from your favorite bar or restaurant, ask your liquor store when they’ll be getting the latest brews, or try one of our many seasonal and flagship brews in cans throughout the tri-state area. Check out what our crew had to say, and let us know how you craft your experience by commenting below or tagging us on social media @capemaybrewco


When I visit I like to make a little charcuterie board, pack a game, and bring some good company to relax and enjoy some great beers.”—Tasting Room Supervisor and Beertender Danielle Brasch

“I try to visit the Brewtanical weekly to talk with other Brew Crew members.”—Director of People Operations Christine Bry

“We usually go with friends and family.”—Cape Beverage Distribution Manager Rob Ritz

“Sometimes I go out to the Brewtanical Garden for a few beers with friends.”—Marketing Associate Casey McBride

“I normally swing down on my way to the shore or home from the beach to grab a cold beer!”—Sales Manager Scott McIntyre

“I like to sit out in the Brewtanical Garden to enjoy the open space and calm environment under the trees during the week. Usually my drink of choice is Boat Ramp Champ while we have these hot summer days.”—Brewery Operations Manager James Fox

“Since I’m up in North Jersey, I don’t get the chance to get down to the Tasting Room often. However, whenever I get the chance, I’m looking for anything released at the brewery and not for distribution. My babysitter lives next door to huge Cape May Brewery fans so I always try to bring brewery only releases back north for them.  The last one I brought back was the Orange Vanilla Crushin’ It and they loved it!”—Regional Sales Manager Tom LoBianco



I pick whatever I haven’t tried yet so I can get a perspective on what we’re making and so I can give customers an accurate description.”—Sales Manager Eric Wormann

“I am pumped to see what new merch will be coming out for fall. I love cozy hoodies and blankets!”—Tasting Room Supervisor and Beertender Danielle Brasch

“My family frequently asks me to pick up a new release and it seems we have a new release just about every week, so we like to stop in and try the new stuff and get a pint of one of our favorites. Cape May merch makes a great gift!  I pick up new merchandise regularly as gifts because we sell out so fast!”—Director of People Operations Christine Bry

“Boat Ramp Champ and new swag.”—Cape Beverage Distribution Manager Rob Ritz

“There are so many ways you can enjoy a Cape May Brewing Company beer! For me, some days it’s taking some six-packs to-go from the Brewtique to enjoy at home or share with friends and family.”—Marketing Associate Casey McBride

“If money didn’t exist, I would probably buy everything there, but I always like to see what new hat or shirt we have out!”—Sales Manager Scott McIntyre

“Lagers and hoppy beers are my go to, and every once in a while, I’ll grab a shirt or new hat to expand my wardrobe or to just replace the ones I have worn a few too many times…”—Brewery Operations Manager James Fox



“My default at other places is Crushin’ It, but if there’s a one-off draft like Black Cherry Sour, I get that at a bar.”—Sales Manager Eric Wormann

“I love to see Crushin’ It on tap. Especially on a warm day at our nearby beach bars!”—Tasting Room Supervisor and Beertender Danielle Brasch

“When we go out, the entire family now asks for Cape May beers: Cape May IPA, Tan Limes, Coastal Evacuation, and my husband’s favorite, Crushin’ It.”—Director of People Operations Christine Bry

“Cape May IPA is my go-to.”—Cape Beverage Distribution Manager Rob Ritz

“If I’m out and about and there’s a Cape May beer on tap, I always order it – especially if I find Honey Porter!”—Marketing Associate Casey McBride

“I love to see and enjoy Crushin’ It on draught whenever I can!”—Sales Manager Scott McIntyre

“I usually look out for most of our beers at bars and accounts. Sometimes it is nice to quality control when out for a meal. I love seeing Crushin It, IPA, Boat Ramp Champ, and some of our one-off offerings out in the trade.”—Packaging Manager Mark Graves

“While I’m out, I will usually stick with our staples and grab a Cape May IPA or Coastal Evac. They are solid beers that generally hit the spot for whatever day it is.”—Brewery Operations Manager James Fox

“When I’m out in a restaurant, I’m looking for any draft only releases on tap. Package is easy to obtain but the limited one off drafts are just that. Not everyone brings them in and many times they move through the keg very quickly, so I’m always excited to get to try one when I see it. (I may have occasionally suggested going to dinner at an account with a limited draft on tap!)”—Regional Sales Manager Tom LoBianco



“I’ve really been falling back into using a koozie, and I love my Cape May Brew Crew koozie, so I use that a lot.”—Sales Manager Eric Wormann

“Bay days go hand in hand with Tan Limes!”—Tasting Room Supervisor and Beertender Danielle Brasch

“Usually, I pack a few Boat Ramps or IPAs in the cooler to share with friends and family. I like to try to spread the good word of CMBC and our brews!”—Cape Beverage Distribution Manager Rob Ritz

“If I’m out in the sun, I always have my Cape May hat on. Most of my wardrobe is Cape May Brewing Company merch, so people always know that I work here!”—Content Marketing Coordinator Ariel McCarter

“I always have my CMBC Brumate and koozies with me!”—Sales Manager Scott McIntyre

“I usually keep my fridge stocked with a variety of beer. So whenever people come over, or if we are visiting friends or family, I have a nice variety. Nothing more disappointing than no beer after hearing someone say ‘Oh you work at a brewery?! Did you bring any?’ Sharing is caring.”—Packaging Manager Mark Graves

“The cooler bag probably gets the most use out of me. I’ll load it up with some beers before hitting the disc golf or golf course to enjoy some fun in the sun.”—Brewery Operations Manager James Fox

“My wife Meredith and I always bring Cape May beer whenever or wherever we can. It comes with us while ‘glamping,’ and it is brought to barbecues. I wear a CMBC polo shirt all day and am usually otherwise wearing a CMBC t-shirt. Between that and the fact that my car has a CMBC logo on it, CMBC is always on the go and well represented in north Jersey!!”—Regional Sales Manager Tom LoBianco