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City to Shore is an incredible day....

Coming Soon to a Bike Race Near You… BikeMS: City to Shore!

2016_BIKE_logoIf you’ve got a bike, are capable of riding at least 25 miles, and love Cape May Brewing Company, maybe you should sign up for our BikeMS: City to Shore team.

That is… unless you have something against having fun, making a ton of new friends, and raising money for a great cause.

But, if you’re all about having fun and saving lives, then stop by our Seventh Anniversary Party next Friday and sign up and meet the team!

IMG_3084“Riding BikeMS on the Cape May Brewing Co. team is an extraordinarily rewarding experience,” says team captain Stephan Briggs. “We’ve got a number of experienced team members that have been riding with us since the team was founded and are happy to answer any question you may have. We hold a number of events and team riders throughout the year in beautiful Cape May, and we get discounts on the brewery’s awesome bike jerseys. You get to meet a bunch of awesome new people, and it’s so much more fun to do a charitable event as a group rather than solo. We’re all ultimately trying to help raise funds and awareness for Multiple Sclerosis.

“Then, we get to hang out at the brewery post-ride in September! There’s literally no reason not to do it.”

BikeMS: City to Shore is one of our favorite times of the year. Not only are we raising money for a great cause, but, in a word, our team rocks. It’s great to have them back year after year — they’re dedicated, they raise a ton of money, and they’re absolute beasts on a bike.

IMG_0445Last year, we were fortunate to have nearly the entire production staff sign up to ride. We’re still working on it for this year, and, with so many new faces around the brewery, we’re hoping for an even bigger and better team this year!

“City to Shore is an incredible day,” says Head Brewer Brian Hink, a 6-year veteran of the ride. “Typically, it’s picture-perfect weather, great camaraderie amongst your fellow riders, the nice feeling of knowing you’re doing something for a good cause, and just an overall really enjoyable day. Joining the CMBC team is an added bonus of riding with most of the production team, getting a great deal on a sweet bike jersey, a great after-party, and we make a great beer in the ride’s honor, so after peddling your ass off for a hundred miles you feel good chugging back a couple of cans!”

You need to commit to raising $300 by September 29th, and you literally don’t even have to ride. It’s definitely more fun if you do, but don’t let the prospect of riding between 25 and 175 miles turn you off — virtual riders are also welcome! There’s a 25-mile route, a 45-mile route, a 75-mile route, and the “century ride” — 100 of the most rewarding miles you’ll ever ride.


The ride starts in Cherry Hill and winds through some of the most beautiful terrain in South Jersey — through vineyards and forests, along lakes and rivers, and triumphantly ends with thousands of people cheering your arrival in Ocean City.

You’ll get some exercise. You’ll get some sun. (A lot of sun.) And — seriously — you’ll never feel better about yourself than you will when you’re done the ride.

And, if we’re looking forward to the race, you should be looking forward to the beer.

Brewed with a blend of hops that hit all the right notes and tickle your taste buds just right, then dry hopped with over a pound-per-barrel of more sexy hops, our City to Shore Double IPA brings a wave of citrus, grapefruit, and other exotic fruits to your face. Not as dry as our usual hop-bombs, we leave a touch more of the body behind to bring out the juicier hop profile.

We’ll have representatives of BikeMS and our team at our Anniversary Party next weekend. They’ll be offering a 15% discount on the BikeMS: City to Shore registration fee.

Check out the BikeMS: City to Shore website for more details.