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“We’re doing everything we can to make it a safe and enjoyable shopping experience for you within some of the limitations that we have.”

Come browse inside!

If you haven’t yet had the chance to stop down to the brewery this holiday season, you’re running out of time.

We’ve got the Brewtanical Garden beautifully decorated, and the Tasting Room and Beer Garden look amazing. We’ve got a killer tree this year, your favorite holiday tunes are pumping, and visiting Cape May Brewing Company is like walking into a winter wonderland.

There’s no way to be here without feeling part of the Christmas spirit. We have decked the halls. And you’ve only got one final weekend to drink it all in.

For the final weekend of the pre-Christmas shopping season — and the last weekend of our Food and Supply Drive (hint, hint) –, we want to make sure that you’ve got as many chances to give as possible and be part of our new Holiday Wall of Cheer.

And, it’s the last weekend for shopping before Christmas — stop by the Brewtique and stock up!

“So what’s this all about a Holiday Wall of Cheer?” asks the person we just made up in our head.

Well, person we’ve just made up in our head, if you bring in a donation to the Food and Supply Drive — and it’s turning colder, so warm clothing is well appreciated –, or make a monetary donation inside the Brewtique, you can be a part of our Holiday Wall of Cheer.

Resplendent and decking out our huge chalkboard, you’ll see the tags of everyone who donated to the Food and Supply Drive this weekend. We’ll have a number of color-ready tags available: you can color yours and leave us a note telling us why you donated. Then, snap a selfie and upload it to Instagram or Facebook and tag us @capemaybrewco.

“This is the time of year that people need our help the most,” says Brewtique Manager Kaitlyn Smith, “and in 2020, they need our help more than ever. So, this is your opportunity to be part of Cape May Brewing Company, helping us, not only to make our Tasting Room that much more festive, but also to make a difference to our neighbors in need this holiday season.”

And we’ll be giving away FREE crayons! Since single-use is the buzzword of 2020 — we don’t want to cross-contaminate anyone by reusing crayons — we’ll have some for you to use, and you get to take them home.

“We’re doing everything we can to make it a safe and enjoyable shopping experience for you within some of the limitations that we have,” Kaitlyn says. 

And, we’re finally reopening the Brewtique to in-store shopping.

“For the first time since March 15th,” says Tasting Room General Manager Chris Costello, “you can come in and browse the Brewtique. You can get all of your shopping done in-person, for the first time in nearly a year. It’s almost like old times. (Not exactly.)”

Since, at this point in the holiday season, you’re definitely not going to want to wait for delivery, stop in the Brewtique and shop ‘till you drop!

“USPS has been completely overwhelmed this holiday season,” Kaitlyn says. “They’re doing their best with limited staffing and an abundance of online ordering, so, at this point, you’ll definitely want to complete all of your holiday shopping in-store.”

With that in mind, we’ll be allowing four people at a time inside the Brewtique to shop!

“It’s not a lot of people,” Kaitlyn says, “and we know that, but, at 25% capacity, including our two Brewtique Associates, that’s all we’re allowed.”

If you’ve been looking at some of our awesome merchandise online, but have been hesitating as to whether or not it’s perfect for that beer lover on your list, now’s the time to stop down to the Brewtique and make a decision! (Spoiler alert: They’re going to love it.) 

To shop the Brewtique, you’ll use the same — new — main entrance that you’d use for seating.

“The bar line goes to the right and the Brewtique line goes to the left,” Kaitlyn says.

Or, don’t make the decision at all! Sit down, have a drink, and feel free to place a merchandise order with your server at your table.

“If you’re coming in to drink, we encourage you to place your merchandise order with your server,” Chris says. “We’ll bring it right to your table. Better than curbside pickup, it’s tableside service!”

During the week, you’ll be able to pick up your online orders in the Brewtique, but, all weekend long — that’s Friday through Sunday — we’ll also have a pick-up window. The Brewtique exit will be outfitted for a quick stop — for beer, for a piece of merchandise that you already know what you want, and for order pickup.

“Hopefully, that will help with the store filling up too quickly on the weekends,” Kaitlyn says. “So, if you just want to stop in and grab a six-pack of Devil’s Reach, you can do that and not take the spot of — or have to wait for — a more leisurely shopper.”

In-store shopping isn’t the only change you’ll notice when you stop down to the Tasting Room. We’ve moved the main entrance two doors down. So, if you’re looking at the building, the entrance is now two doors to the left of the previous main entrance.

“When you enter through that door,” Chris says, “we’ll have our greeter stand right there, at that door, to assist visitors as soon as they come in, so no one’s wandering around, wondering where to go.”

Things these days are confusing. We know. Everything that you used to know has changed completely. Thankfully, we’ll have people everywhere who can guide you where you need to go.

The great thing about moving the entrance is that we have so much more room for indoor seating. As you know, indoor seating in our Tasting Room has been limited — not only due to occupancy changes due to COVID, but also because we started out with very few tables inside. Until now, much of our capacity has been standing room only, but that’s no longer a thing in 2020.

“We now have ten tables for indoor seating,” Chris says, “and we still have our Beer Garden and Brewtanical Garden for seating, too. We still have tables in the Barrel Room, and we have added tables throughout.”

If you’ve been here since June, you may remember the little merchandise area we had set up as you come in — that’s all tables, now. We moved the merchandise display to the alcove of the new entrance. 

So, as things were before, things are still first come, first served, and we’re still limiting parties to a maximum of eight people, as per CDC guidelines.

“But there are so many more places to sit inside,” Chris says. “You’ll be able to keep warm this winter by staying inside.”

We hope these changes will work out for the better for you, our faithful visitor.

In the meantime, come down and check out all of the holiday cheer we’ve got going on. It’s only one week before Christmas — come down, drink, shop, donate, and be part of our Holiday Wall of Cheer!