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Le meme profil qu'une Focal mais avec plus de fruité en final et un poil plus grasse. Tres surpris.

Coastal Evacuation in Review

Our flagship double IPA, Coastal Evacuation, has been pleasing palates since its inception back in 2014, bringing home awards and leading the pack in double IPAs.

Packed with Centennial, Citra, and Simcoe, our flagship double IPA is big and bold, tremendously fragrant, with notes of orange citrus and honeydew. It’s as dangerous as hurricane season itself.

Here’s a look at what people are saying about it.

JF203677“Best Jersey-brewed beer I’ve had” — Lloyd

“Solid DIPA. Orange and slight melon flavors. Moderate bitterness.” — Jamie W.

“Le meme profil qu’une Focal mais avec plus de fruité en final et un poil plus grasse. Tres surpris.” — Pierre (“The same profile as a Focal but with more fruit on the finish and a hair bolder. Very surprised.” Translation thanks to Marketing Assistant Kristen Taylor.)

“…I have had this beer about 5 different times over the past year. So good.” — David

“Just so happy I picked some cans up!” — Alyson G.

“Unfiltered, strong and bitter. Hmmm, sounds pretty good to me.” — Randy Y.

“Juicy, malty sweetness, big hop aroma with lots of body.” — Kurt O.

“Tasty IPA.” — Alton H.

“Xmas present from my little bro. For a double, the alcohol is hidden well. I could see myself sitting on the beach in NJ drinking these.” — Brandon A.

“Da Birds.” — John M.

“Always a good one.” — Chad S.

“Tasty double. I dig the hop aroma…” — Tim K.

“My favorite NJ local ??” — Raye A.

“Easily a favorite beer. Easy-drinking double.” — Todd E.

“I like this one. Hops, alcohol, floral, some fruit.” — Jeremy S.

“Having a good beer.” — Alex S.

“Best bang for the ABV ?” — Lar R.

“Sometimes, at the end of the day, you just need a solid West Coast to kick you in the throat. This is one of those funky times. Well done!” — Bradley A.

You can find Coastal Evacuation just about anywhere in our distribution area. Check the Beer Finder for the store closest to you!