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"With us and DC Brau there, it should be a fun night."


You know how sometimes you over-schedule yourself? You’ll have brunch with friends, then a barbecue at your aunt’s, then dinner with your step-mom, and then drinks with an old friend from high school?

That’s kinda how our week in DC is shaping up.

Ryan with Bob Pease, President of the BA, and Larry Horowitz

9am, Thursday

Ryan will be taking to the Hill — Capitol Hill, that is — Friday morning to convince New Jersey’s legislators to once again back CBMTRA — the Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act.

We’ve told you a lot about this in the past; it ended up being rolled into President Trump’s tax reform bill back in 2017, but it’s up for renewal. Last time, the entire New Jersey delegation to Congress signed on as co-sponsors, but we’ve got a few new faces in Congress that may need a little education.

This much-needed tax reform has affected nearly 95% of the nation’s breweries, saving them $80 million each year, enabling them to invest in their businesses, buy new equipment, expand their operations, and hire additional workers.

“In the past, the entire New Jersey delegation has been a co-sponsor of CBMTRA because they know that indie craft beer in New Jersey creates real and well-paying jobs,” Ryan says. “This bill expires at the end of the year, doubling our beverage excise tax. We invest every dollar we make back into the business so if CBMTRA does not become permanent then we’ll simply have less money to reinvest in our growth.”

4pm, Friday

IMG_1126-2We’ll be taking over the taps at Free State with our good friends at DC Brau in a Pre-SAVOR Soirée!

Practically across the street from the venue for SAVOR lies this Maryland-themed bar less than four miles from Maryland with a Chesapeake-inspired decor, a nautical look, and a mural of the Bay. They focus on beers in the Mid-Atlantic region from Pennsylvania to North Carolina.

And, apparently, they really wanted us to stop by. It’s rare that someone from a city that we don’t distribute calls us because they want to host us for a tap takeover the same night as one of the biggest festivals in the country.

“They made my job pretty easy,” Events Coordinator Randi Friel laughs. “I was planning to start calling around to random bars in DC that day. But with us and DC Brau there, it should be a fun night. If you missed out on tickets to SAVOR, definitely make plans to stop by.”

Between the two of us, we’ll be taking over all fourteen of Free State’s taps that evening. We’ll be pouring Cape May IPA, The Bog, Coastal Evacuation, Devil’s Reach, Honey Porter, Summer Catch, and Tan Limes. Check it out!

7:30pm, Friday



That’s not a word you usually hear in reference to beer festivals, but it’s certainly apropos of SAVOR.

First of all, it’s held at the National Building Museum. This place looks like it took all of the marble that the Vatican didn’t want. The hall has eight gigantic columns — some of the largest in the world — and is a frequent site for inauguration balls.


On top of that, there’ll be 92 small and independent breweries showing off over 200 beers, each paired with small dishes by the Brewers Association Executive Chef, Adam Dulye.

“This is one of the best festivals of the year,” Randi says, “and we’re thrilled to be a part of it for the fourth year in a row. This year, we’ve signed on as a Supporting Partner so we can bring along a third beer, in addition to the two being paired. The beer is great, the food is always out-of-this-world, and we’re looking forward to checking out this year’s pairings.”

Always Ready is being paired with a spicy green papaya salad and Lady in Room #10 is being paired with a curry squash samosa. In addition, we’ll be pouring The Bog.

If you’re lucky enough to have tickets — which, unfortunately, the festival is already sold out — we’ll see you at table 17, right between Allagash and Port City!

It’s a full few days, but it’s going to be a good time. DC, here we come!