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When someone says "Ireland," a serious beer drinker’s thoughts will immediately turn to stouts.

CMBC and St. Paddy

Everyone wants to go “on the tear” for St. Patrick’s Day,  but na’er ta fear! CMBC has you covered. But not with just one night of fun… we’ve got the entire weekend blocked off for all of your Irish needs.

When someone says Ireland, a serious beer drinker’s thoughts will immediately turn to stouts.

Ah, the stout. Practically the national drink of Ireland — particularly that well-known one brewed at St. James’s Gate — St. Patrick’s Day is simply incomplete without sipping on a delicious stout.

Luckily, we’re brewing up a batch of our full-bodied, rich and roasty Cape May Stout, releasing this week, just in time to celebrate the man who drove all the snakes out of Ireland.

This sweet stout packs in the flavor thanks to a complex grain bill of pilsner, caramunich, roasted barley, oats, and chocolate malts. Notes of chocolate-covered coffee beans permeate this 5% sipper, with a toffee and caramel-like sweetness underneath the roasty finish.

IMG_4790More importantly, we’re infusing it in eight different ways!

  • Toffee stout — infused with toffee flavoring
  • Bourbon stout — infused with oak chips soaked in bourbon flavoring
  • Shamrock — infused with creme de menthe extract and vanilla
  • Irish Potato — aged on toasted coconut and cinnamon chips
  • Irish Coffee — infused with Avalon Coffee and Irish cream extract
  • Barmbrack — infused with sultanas and raisins
  • S’mores — infused with graham cracker, vanilla, chocolate
  • Irish breakfast — infused with Irish whiskey flavored chips, orange, and butterscotch

We’re kicking things off on Friday, tapping these delectable one-offs at four. You’ll be able to get flights and 8-ounce pours of these tasty treats.

Like most great parties, this one goes until we run out of beer. (Well… until we run out of these stouts, at least.)

“It’s a once-a-year weekend for drinking and what’s better than drinking a bunch of beers you can only have once a year?” says Head Brewer Brian Hink.

Indeed, Brian. Indeed.

So, stop down, dance to some traditional Irish music, shoot some pictures — and, of course, wear your green! — and celebrate good ol’ St. Patrick. Sláinte!