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lus, the finish line is one block from the beach in beautiful Ocean City -- you can't beat that.

City to Shore is Here!

We are down to the wire for BikeMS: City to Shore!

It’s one of the biggest weekends of our sponsorship year, when all the work and training and fundraising comes to a head and our bikers all convene in Cherry Hill for one singular purpose: making Multiple Sclerosis a thing of the past.

ImageThe Ride

Grueling. Challenging. Rewarding.

Those are three words you’ll hear if you talk to anyone who’s done BikeMS: City to Shore. Some 7,000 cyclists convene at the Woodcrest PATCO station in Cherry Hill in the wee hours of the morning, slowly stretching their sleep-worn muscles, readying themselves for the enormous physical undertaking that awaits.

“For a majority of people,” says team captain Steve Briggs, “myself included, waking up at 5am and getting to a crowded PATCO station can be overwhelming. That is, until you are on the road a few miles out and things really start to open up with beautiful scenery.”

Yet, even among these road-weary bikers, there’s excitement, hope, and an electrifying anticipation. They’ve spent weeks training and fundraising, all for this moment.

“The week leading up to the ride is the most challenging,” says team captain Steve Briggs. “Your body tells you to keep training and cycling, but you really shouldn’t be doing this at all and building up energy and reserves for the day of the ride.”

2018_PAE_Bike_MS_City_to_Shore_Cartoon_MapCheck out that map and really think about it. It doesn’t look like a difficult ride: it looks like a leisurely bike through some trees and a ferris wheel. But then, sit down and ponder what this map is really showing you — it winds through some beautiful terrain, but it’s still 100 miles on a bike.

And everyone looks forward to the finish.

“All joking aside, the finish is the best part,” Steve says. “Months of fundraising, training, and planning is all worth coasting into the finish to cheers, cowbells, and smiling faces of family, friends, and strangers who all come together for a common goal of fighting MS. Plus, the finish line is one block from the beach in beautiful Ocean City — you can’t beat that.”

The Beer

It’s top-of-the-list for many of our fans — City to Shore. It was the first beer we decided to release in 16-ounce cans.

IMG_5620But don’t take our word for it….

“Delicious.” — Pete D.

“So bright. Great beer.” — Kyle B.

“Juicy, pretty solid beer. Cape May, you never let me down. ?” — Kelly Nadwodny

Sexy hops in City to Shore combine to hit all the right notes and tickle your taste buds. You’ll get a wave of citrus, grapefruit, and other exotic fruits to your face, yet it’s not as dry as our usual hop-bombs because we leave a touch more of the body behind to bring out the juicier hop profile.

And, let’s face it, after biking for a hundred miles, the riders in BikeMS: City to Shore have worked up a thirst. Beer is relatively high in B-vitamins and electrolytes, and, unlike an “energy” drink, it’s not packed with a crapload of sugar to make you crash in an hour.

The Party

IMG_4812At the end of the ride, our team is thirsty, hungry, and ready to relax. They could have ridden for any team — there are colleges, trucking companies, banks, and insurance companies that field teams for BikeMS: City to Shore. Thankfully, they all knew what they were doing when they signed up for the CMBC team.

“Our team spends months training and fundraising, and they deserve a killer afterparty to relax,” says our Chief Celebration Officer, Randi Friel. “It’s really the least we can do for all their hard work and dedication. We’re glad we get to do what we can for Multiple Sclerosis research, but our team members are really the ones out in the field, raising an astounding amount of money for the cause. So, after the ride, it’s definitely time for a party.”

As part of our recent private events initiative, CMBC hosts a party for them, and they’re certainly appreciative. They’ll have all kinds of food and beer, and we’ve got a raffle for them, as well.

If you’re a cyclist, keep this in mind for next year. Not only do you get to do a lot of good, but you also get this awesome party to come back to!

The Goal

We’re oh-so-close to meeting our goal. At time of writing, we’re only slightly less than $3,000 shy — and that’s a rough place to be going into the weekend. It’s the point that we may or may not reach our goal. Nothing is impossible — particularly in fundraising — but we need every cent we can get.

It’s not too late to make an impact. Donate today!