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“Tan Limes, when you crack the can, it feels like Saturday, 1pm, sitting on the end of my street in Wildwood."

Cinco de Mayo, The Home Edition

Next Tuesday is Cinco de Mayo! 

Even though 2020 is dragging like a brewer showing up for a 7:30 shift on a Monday, it’s kind of amazing that we’ve made it to May. You deserve a celebration!

So, while this particular Cinco de Mayo is going to be a bit different than those in the past — you’re definitely not going to be closing your favorite bar this year — you can still honor the Mexican Army’s victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla in 1862 in style.

And, let’s face it: if you’re looking to celebrate a Mexican holiday, there’s no better way than with a delicious Mexican-style lager with lime and sea salt. Luckily, for your drinking pleasure, we’ve got Tan Limes — and three great ways to celebrate this Cinco de Mayo at home.

Don’t Order Taco Bell

If Taco Bell is your go-to for Mexican food, you need to branch out. Seriously. Don’t get us wrong here: it’s great at 2am after you’ve been at the bar all night, but if you’re looking for real Mexican food, local is the way to go.

Now, the Straight to the Pint home office is about halfway between Vineland and Hammonton, and one thing both of those towns have in common is a ton of awesome Mexican restaurants. Check out some menus online: if they’ve got a bunch of dishes you’ve never seen before, odds are that you’re looking at something authentic.

Get out of your comfort zone! Tacos and burritos and quesadillas and fajitas are fine — and they’re going to taste great with a Tan Limes — but maybe try some sopes or mole. Now’s the time to even give some lengua a whirl. You won’t be disappointed.

And, with a delicious Tan Limes, everything tastes better. 

Crafts, Crafts, and More Crafts

You probably have some time on your hands right now, and those of you who are trying to educate your children need all of the help you can get. You can teach them a little Mexican history while keeping them busy.

While we generalize Cinco de Mayo as “Mexican Independence Day”, that’s definitely not what it is. Back in 1863, while Americans were busy fighting each other in the Civil War, a very small contingent of Mexican fighters battled down a much larger army of French invaders… only for them to return the following year and claim Mexico City as their own.

Regardless, we found a ton of fun crafts you and the kids can do to celebrate. Check out this site for some ideas for making some Ojo de Dios with some popsicle sticks and yarn. Or look here for a homemade sarape. This site has an awesome footprint chili pepper that the kids will love!

And, after your kids are done running throughout the house with paint all over their feet, you’ll definitely want to relax with a frosty cold Tan Limes.

DJ Denny Oh

And you’re not going to want to miss DJ Denny Oh, spinning the tunes live on Facebook for Cinco de Mayo Happy Hour from 4-6pm. We Zoomed with Denny earlier this week — as much to catch up with him as to find out a few facts.

The son of a drummer and the recipient of a broken drumstick, music had always been a huge part of his life growing up.

“I grew up with Breakfast with the Beatles every Sunday morning, playing in our house in Northeast Philly,” he recalls. “My dad had crates and crates of records in our basement. My parents took me to my first concert: Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young when I was fourteen. They took me to Tom Petty when I was fifteen.”

He graduated from Stockton University with a degree in Marine Biology, having worked at the Wetlands and for Fish and Wildlife, but, sometime around 2012, discovered that DJing paid better.

“If you want to work in science or biology,” he says, “you gotta do what you love, because you’re not getting paid.”

Since then, Denny’s sort of been our official DJ for the past five or so years.

“I love that you say that,” he replied with a smile. “I love you guys so much.”

Denny’s been a fixture in the Tasting Room since the beginning, remembering back to when we only had a handful of beers on tap and the Tasting Room was filled with wooden picnic tables.

“I was excited to have something down here,” he says. “You guys started all of it, basically. There wasn’t anyone else doing craft beer down here. I’m a fanboi.”

Furthermore, he says that our styles mesh well.

“You know, cheeky and fun, but also we both want to do good things for the community,” he says. “We try to keep it positive.”

Denny’s been taking that positivity on the road — or, during these times of quarantine, on the information superhighway — by livestreaming some DJ sets.

Through the years, his customers have turned into his friends — ask anyone at CMBC, and odds are that they know Denny –, and many of those customers-turned-friends have been asking him to do something to help us all get through this quarantine.

“They’ve been telling me that they’re not going to get through this unless I do something for them,” he says. “They’ve been with me since the start, so I feel like I should give back a little bit to create some sort of normalcy for people.”

So, he’s been livestreaming sets every Monday, Tuesday, and Friday, intending to keep it up through May.

“I do Motown Mondays every Monday,” he says. “Tuesdays are either a sponsored stream or Emo Night, like Taking Back Sunday and Blink 182 — people seem to love that. And on Fridays, I have a party called Friday Night Lockdown, and that’s pretty much open format, where I switch between a few styles in a way that people really seem to dig. I think that’s why people like me for weddings.”

But, really, expect anything from one of Denny’s sets.

“I switch it up,” he says. “There was 90s night. There was a night where I switched up the decade every half-hour: from 60s to 70s to 80s to 90s. Themes! Fun themes that people can get behind. I’m not playing hardcore rap, but it’s not country, either. It’s right in the middle.”

For our Cinco de Mayo Happy Hour, Denny’s going to be cracking open a cold Tan Limes and spinning some summer vibes.

“Think Sublime, Beach Boys, things that remind you of sand in your shoes, your nose a little red from being on the beach too long,” he says. “Summer jams, beach jams. Positive feel-good stuff like that. Oldies all the way up to hits from today. A little something for everybody.”

And music like that definitely calls for a Tan Limes, one of Denny’s favorites.

“Tan Limes, when you crack the can, it feels like Saturday, 1pm, sitting on the end of my street in Wildwood,” he says. “It’s a good session beer — you can drink a lot of them and not get too jacked up. The saltiness mixes really well with the tartness of the lime. It’s a great one for the summer. I think you guys nailed it.”

While he’s been loving his chance to switch things up and provide a sense of normalcy during these insecure times, like the rest of us, Denny’s looking forward to a time when he can really get a party going.

“This whole thing is temporary,” he says. “We’ll be back on our stages and in our barstools soon, singing and laughing and dancing with a cold Tan Limes in hand.”

So, however you choose to celebrate this Cinco de Mayo, be sure to stock up on some Tan Limes. Cans are sold out in the Brewtique, but growler fills are still available, so order online for curbside pickup or delivery, or check out our Beer Finder for a retailer near you.