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"It brings some cheer in a world where there’s very little cheer to be had.”

Christmas in July!

While the thermometer might look as if it were placed somewhere near the sunward side of Mercury, the calendar is telling us that it’s July 25th. 

It’s the perfect time to think cold thoughts. Visions of snow. Dreams of cold air across your face. 

When the temperatures ramp up, it’s time for Christmas in July!

“It’s a great opportunity to bring a little Christmas cheer to this sweltering heatwave,” says Tasting Room General Manager Chris Costello. “Our summer fans will have a chance to experience some of our Christmas favorites, including last year’s Boughs of Barley.”

From what we understand, it’s been aging gracefully over the past few months.

“Last year, we had a killer Christmas beer,” Chris says. “We put it aside and let it age for a little bit, and it’s really been coming along beautifully. So, let’s break it out for a nice Christmas in July celebration.”

This is the first time we’ve re-released a Boughs of Barley.

“We’ve always released it in November for Christmas,” Chris says, “but this is the first time we’re releasing it on a different date. It’ll be interesting to see how it goes on a day with 103° heat.”

Some of the folks in Production got together to see how Boughs of Barley has fared over the past few months.

“What a great reason for us to get together in the office and pop some bottles!” says Lab Manager Lauren Appleman. “Many of us have either finished our bottles long ago or are saving them for that special occasion.”

As far as we’re concerned, Christmas in July = Special Occasion.

“Both bottles are coming along nicely,” she continues. “As is usually the case, after time, the flavors kind of evolve together for a smoother drinking experience.”

“In the Port variant, the bright upfront acidity has been tampered down a bit,” says Innovation Director Brian Hink, “and with that, the mouthfeel has turned really creamy: almost nitro-esque, believe it or not. I loved this version out of the gate and thought was the far more interesting of the two, and with time I feel the gap has only widened and the Port is shining real bright right now, like a star or something bright.”

Chris and Lauren disagree, being more impressed with how the Bourbon variant has aged.

“It’s been aging very well,” Chris says. “It was pretty impressive.”

“The vanillans have a slight smokiness to them,” Lauren says, “almost like a toasted marshmallow.”

“It’s softened on the edges,” Brian says. “More of the vanillans are coming out now – an almost toasty note. It’s progressing very nicely, aging as gracefully as my iPhone 5.”

It’s time for a new phone, man.

As for drinking these big ABV brews in this heat?  

“My recommendation is to hole up wherever you are and put that AC on full blast to create an arctic tundra and pretend like it’s winter again,” Lauren says.

In addition to the Boughs of Barley re-release, you’ll see a Christmas-themed display in the entryway, showing off all of our stellar Christmas merchandise that’s been carefully stowed away for the past few months.

We’ll be bringing out such favorites as our Captain Merry Long Sleeve Tee — on sale for $33 –, as well as our fan-favorite Funsie Onesie, which you can grab for the low price of $40.50!

In addition, you’ll be able to find tons of deals on the remaining sizes on a bunch of t-shirts, hoodies, flannel shirts, beanies, and glassware. Check them out at our online store!

“I’ll bust out the Christmas decorations,” says Brewtique Manager Kaitlyn Smith. “We have tons of them, so the whole Tasting Room and Beer Garden will make you think it’s Christmas all weekend long. Except for the 90° heat.”

“And we’ll have some Christmas music,” Chris adds. “Not exclusively Christmas music, but it’ll be in the mix.”

Most importantly, you’ll be able to get Blueberry Lemon Crushin’ It for the first time on Friday.

“That’s the best Christmas gift of all,” Kaitlyn says. “It’ll be fun.”

While celebrating Christmas in the middle of a heatwave might be a little different for our fans, we’re hoping that some Christmas cheer will make your world a better place.

“There’s so little to celebrate these days,” Kaitlyn adds. “Who doesn’t love celebrating Christmas? It brings some cheer in a world where there’s very little cheer to be had.”

We’ll be celebrating Christmas in July all weekend long! You’ll be able to get Boughs of Barley for $17.99+tax/each, or grab the gift set containing two glasses and both variants for $43.99+tax.

See you soon!