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Checking in with The Skeg

Director of Brewing Operations Jimmy Valm and Head Brewer Brian Hink have been dying to check in with our releases in the Barrel Aged Series, and now that The Skeg has just about hit its six-month mark, we decided to let the guys out of the box and have a field day.

“Oooh… that Brett is really starting to speak volumes, now,” Jimmy says.

“It’s definitely more woodsy. I definitely get more of the barrel character, now,” Brian says.

Jimmy thinks that “the flavor is even more pronounced than the aroma. It’s really, really complex.”

Brian says, “You want to go back more to it. It draws you in and treats your palate.”

“It’s aged incredibly well,” Brian says.

“It’s really, really nice,” Jimmy agrees.

Check the video to hear more, and let us know what you think about your cellar-aged brew in the comments.