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Checking In With Jimmy

Our new Director of Brewing Operations, Jimmy Valm, has completed his first week on the job. Has he fallen in love with all things CMBC, or is he hightailing it back to Brooklyn? We caught up with him between mash-ins to find out…

How’s it going so far? It’s been great! I’m really impressed with the knowledge of everyone here, and their commitment to making awesome beer. Everyone is super gung-ho, and ready to jump on any task. It’s fantastic. I’m really excited to be joining the team.

Now that you’ve had a week to settle in, what are you most excited about? Pushing our sour program and the barrel-aged beers. I just saw mockups for the labels of The Keel, and I really dig them. It’s going to be a fantastic beer, branded well. I’m looking forward to coming up with more of those.

Biggest surprise about the brewery so far? It came today, with how extensive this tiny little bottling line is. It hits all the right notes for quality control. Turns out, this little Meheen machine is a workhorse.

How about your biggest surprise about Cape May in general? How nice and friendly everyone is. I’ve spent very little time in New Jersey and I don’t know it that well except for what everyone else says about it. I was hoping it would be like this here, being a small beach town and all, but it’s still a very happy surprise.

Any funny stories from the last seven days we should know about? There’s been some joking and joshing around in the brehwouse already. There’s good energy here.

Now that you’ve had a chance to try more of them, which CMBC beer would you be and why? Corrosion IPA. It’s easy going but a little hyper, a blend of various styles, and goes well with summer.