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Be a good kid and bring her down to the brewery this weekend.

Celebrate Mom!

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, which means it’s time to honor all that the mothers in our lives have done for us over the years.

She ran you from tuba practice to soccer practice to tutoring and somehow managed to figure out a way to not let you starve in the meantime. She cleaned your room when the only people allowed in there should have been wearing hazmat suits. Through all of your faults and missteps, she kept a winning smile on her face, clinging to the unerring belief in your inherent goodness.

Now, the mom in your life keeps your kids fed between running them to dance class and baseball practice and Scouts. Your friends publicly comment on what a beautiful home she keeps and privately comment that you’re a lucky man. She magically juggles a family and a rewarding career, and you thank your lucky stars that she came into your life.

And don’t forget all of those “honorary moms”: your grandma who’s been to every tuba recital. The sainted aunt who stepped in while mom was sick and out of commission for a week. Your high school friend’s mom who still answers to “mom” when you run into her at the mall.

For all that she does, mom — in all her forms — deserves a beer.

IMG_0060We’ll be pouring special tastings of our reserve of Lady in Room #10 beginning on Saturday.

Named for the fiercely insistent ghost that inhabits Room #10 in the Hotel Macomber in Cape May, Miss Wright returned to that room each summer of her life, and death hasn’t appeared to slow her down. Wildly complex with lush and rich berry undertones our Lady spent a year-and-a-half in barrels with a multitude of microbes, then spent three months of conditioning on black currants and plums to amplify the beer’s assertive acidity.

We’ve put together our finest springtime flight for mom, with some of our most refreshing and fruit-forward brews. We’ve paired Lady in Room #10 with a number of our other fruited beers. She’ll love the one-two punch of sweet-tart in The Bog Cranberry Shandy, the cherry limeade flavors of Foreshore Shandy, and the peaches-and-creaminess of Beaches N’ Cream. For a nominal fee, you’ll be able to upgrade and get mom a sour glass with her tasting!

We’ll also have giveaways for mom to celebrate her special day, and sales on selected t-shirts and glassware in the Brewtique. T-shirts will be $10 off, and glassware buy-one-get-one half price. If you’ve forgotten to get mom a gift, this weekend will be the perfect time!

So head down here this weekend and treat mom the way she deserves. Maybe afterward, you can take her shopping on Washington Street Mall or hit one of Cape May’s award-winning restaurants.

Either way, Cape May Brewing Company is the perfect way to celebrate mom and all she’s done over the years.

Be a good kid and bring her down to the brewery this weekend.