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CBC Update: The Mega-Party

Last night, after a long day of networking and seminar-taking at the 32nd Annual Craft Brewers Conference, Bri-guy and Ry-guy attended a CBC mega-party thrown by GEA Brewery Systems.

The boys and their beer
The boys and their beer

The men say that the Atlantic City Beer Festival — you know, the second largest beer fest in the country — is comparable in terms of “beer, beards, barrels and brew house discussions,” so you know it was a good time.

The night had 500 attendees, a casino, a scotch and cigar lounge, a whole tuna, and a Big Top theme complete with some serious acrobatics.

“The upper body strength of these petite women was really really impressive,” Brian said of the performers. “They could probably out lift [cellarman] Paul on a pound-per-pound basis.”

Of course, one of the main attractions was the beer — over 100 different kinds from all over the country were available… including two cases of our own Honey Porter, a big hit!

The food! Of the oysters, Ryan says: "Cape May Salts are brinier."
The food! Of the oysters, Ryan says: “Cape May Salts are brinier.”

It was the perfect scene for forging new collaborative relationships, and rekindling old ones. Ryan says they “broed out over self-distribution” with the guys from Rhinegeist in Cincinnati (check out their story here… they brew in a circa 1895 building!), and hung with the cool leaders of South Florida’s largest craft microbrewery, Funky Buddha.

“We sold them some tanks a couple years ago so it was good to put faces with names, which is why these events are important,” said Ryan.

But all of this fun-having isn’t just about, well, having fun… it’s about sharing the excitement over an industry worth celebrating.

“The night stayed true to the craft beer style,” said Brian. “We’re all pretty crazy and make crazy beers, so it was a fitting event. I can’t see a tax association conference having a party like this.”