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“Solid offering! Good taste of melon, citrus, and papaya.”

Captain May Returns!

Last year was the first year for our Captain May IPA, and, judging from these reviews, bringing it back this year was a smart move.

Named for Captain Cornelius Jacobsen May (or Mey), he’s the man who lends his name to our fair city, county, and brewery, so it only made sense to brew a beer in his honor. With a soft body, firm yet gentle bitterness, and a beautiful aroma of melons and over-ripened mangoes, Captain May IPA is orange-hued and opaque. It might look like a glass of juice, but it’s a brew that the good Captain himself would be proud to drink.

Read what folks are saying!

“Beautiful golden character gives way to a delightfully fruity finish. Time machine to boyhood days spent on the beach in front of Congress Hall.” — Michael G.

“Juicy and fruity with notes of mango. Nice balance with some juiciness evident.” — Win S.

“Andy Reid blew another Super Bowl” — Matt K. (We know this review has nothing to do with Captain May IPA, but we laughed and laughed.)

“Solid offering! Good taste of melon, citrus, and papaya.” — Caesar D.

“One of the best ones I’ve had in a while.” — Bob R.

“This was a surprising unique flavor I wasn’t expecting. Melon and Mangoes. I also wasn’t expecting it to be a juicy hazy but I’d drink more!” — Matt S.

“Overall solid pallet” — Anders (And we’ll assume that Anders meant “palate” because pallets should always be solid or you should find a new pallet supplier.)

“Thank you, sir. May I have another.” — Peter John F. (Of course, you can!)

“Candy mango and peach with a hoppy kick. Thanks, Adam!” — Todd R. (Adam sounds like a good guy.)

“A velvety mouthful of lovely mango, hops, and citrus. Really well-balanced brew. This is a no brainer; you need to drink it in mass quantities.” — Mike F.

“For the name alone…and it’s good.” — Michael May (Any relation?!?)

“A little bitter, but had good fruity notes. Very session like, so I can see this being a 6-pack beer.” Chris Y. (Hate to disappoint, Chris, but it’s only available in a four-pack. But, if you buy two four-packs, you’ll have your six. And two left over. Because math. Or none left over. Because good beer.)

“Aye Aye Captain!!!” — Dave E. (Avast, ye matey!)

“Pretty much as described. Smooth, aromatic, juicy, hoppy, slightly bitter.” — C. Bressler

“Could drink it all day” — Anthony A. (Sounds like a great day to us!)

“Another great one from CMBC” — Blake M.

“Even better than the last time I had it. Outrageously good” — Tim N.

“The perfect brew” — Mike M.

Captain May IPA is available now throughout New Jersey — including in our Tasting Room — with Pennsylvania and Delaware distribution scheduled for early next week. Be sure to grab some before it’s gone!