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Do these guys take a wrong step? Outstanding stout….

Cape May Stout

As March rolls around, so does that most sainted of drinking holidays, St. Patrick’s Day!

While Irishmen (and -women!) the world over celebrate the man who drove all of the snakes out of Ireland — and was head of the Irish Catholic church in the meantime — there’s really no better way to celebrate than with a good stout.

And, while there are definitely more famous stouts out there, there’s really no better stout than our very own Cape May Stout.

Find out what our fans have to say!

IMG_4363Edit“Roasty and yummy.” — John S.

“Delicious.” — Christina H.

“Very strong and clear chocolate flavor.” — Gary E.

“Dry, very roasty, dark maltiness and some acidic notes. Smooth and slightly bitter in the finish.” — Mike Z.

“As described. Nice beer. Fresh.” — Jim

“Drank a whole growler while watching Extreme Rules. Not bad.” — Jason F.

“Sweet and malty aromas followed by mellow notes of chocolate.” — M Disab

“Smooth stout.” — Matt C.

“Love it! Smoooooth with a little treat of anise at the end.” — Stephanie G.

“Wonderful. Annie would love it.” — Jared (Annie, who? Annie, as in Little Orphan…? Maybe she’ll get some… Tomorrow….)

“Roasty, malty, tasty!” — John M.

“Bitter chocolate, roasty, coffee notes.” — Sal S.

“I should make more time for tasty little stouts like this one.” — Nate S. (Yes, Nate. Yes, you should.)

“Pretty solid stout that is pretty smooth and crisp.” — Brandon G.

“Classic dry stout with malty overtones. Good for drinking any time of year.” — Dawn C.

“Great stout. One of my favorites.” — Sarah S.

“Delicious. Nice taste and finish.” — Jason R.

“Really smoky stout, a hint of sweetness and some coffee flavor.” — Jennifer F.

“Great colour and taste – easy to drink stout – thanks Cape May.” — Greg S.

“Do these guys take a wrong step? Outstanding stout …” — Kevin L.

“Definitely roasty, and good body for the ABV.” — Benjamin A.

“Steely and chocolate. A good stout.” — Kevin C.