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“I liked this a lot. Very smooth, but lots of flavor for a pale Lager.”

Cape May Lager Returns!

We released Cape May Lager back in February of 2019, a classic light lager: a true everyman beer.

Unfortunately, we stopped brewing it at the end of last year, making room in our schedule for brews like Cape May White and Tan Limes.

But there were more than a few people who weren’t happy with the news. Cape May Lager resonated with a lot of beer drinkers. They weren’t pleased to hear that we’d decided to discontinue brewing the beer.

And a few of them were amongst the Brew Crew.

“I love this beer,” says Innovation Director Brian Hink, “and was so sad to see it go when we made the tough call to discontinue Lager in favor of Tan Limes. After it went away, I really wanted to see it released again this summer as a Tasting Room-only offering. When some brewing space opened up and we had some lager yeast on hand, I slid it into the schedule to get it released as a Tasting Room-only brew. It took no convincing at all to get Chris on board because Lager was a huge hit with our dedicated Tasting Room following.”

So, it’s with those folks in mind  — and through Brian’s insistence — that we’re bringing it back this week, only in the Brewtique.

Read what Cape May Lager’s fans have to say!

“Starting to become a favorite brewery.” — Emilio R.

“Lager done right.” — Steve M.

“Nice lager beer.” — Stu C.

“Beer flavored beer. Enjoyed!” — Adam P.

“Sweeter. Tasty.” — Philip R.

“Nice malt and hop balance, nice mouthfeel.” — Rob

“Tastes like beer.” — Daniel S.

“A significantly better Bud Light. CAPE MAY DON’T MISS” — Jim M.

“First new beer of the quarantine, fucking awesome beer, too.” — Jake R.

“I liked this a lot. Very smooth, but lots of flavor for a pale Lager.” — Mat N.

“Just enough malt flavor….clean and refreshing lager.” — Mike F.

“Clean🍻” — Mikey V.

“Crisp with a touch of sweetness.” — MJ G.

“Smooth!!!!”– Dave E.

“It’s a nice lager.” — Vince G.

“Good drinking beer, light and crisp, just straight-up goodness.” — Kevin M.

“This is very drinkable and solid.” — Alyssa R.

“Nice classic lager.” — David H.

“Crushable.” — Brian H.

“Just about perfect for a card game or board game night.” — Kirk C.

“Simple, uncomplicated, spot on.” — Michael D.

“Delicious Lager! Great with oysters.” — Anthony M.

“Nice lager fireside.” — Kyle M.

Cape May Lager releases Friday, July 3rd, only in the Brewtique. This is the only time we’re planning to brew this beer this year, so, if it was your go-to, you’ll definitely want to make plans to stop down. Place your order online or stop down to stock up. See you soon!