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They definitely deserve a beer. And we’re proud to give it to them.

Cape May Brewing Co. Salutes the Coast Guard with Always Ready

There are lots of reasons people come to Cape May: the beaches, the restaurants, the arts and culture, the nightlife. But 4,000 of our visitors each year make Cape May their home for eight weeks — adopting our town as their own as they endure their basic training period at the Coast Guard Training Center.

Since 1982, Cape May has been home to the Coast Guard’s only Training Center. Each and every active-duty Coast Guardsman who toils to keep our shores safe has spent time in our shore town.  

We’re the Coast Guard’s Hometown, and we wear that title proudly. It’s only fitting that, on  February 8th, Cape May Brewing Co. honors that status the best way we know how: with a beer brewed in their honor.

1000w_q95 (3)“In Cape May, we love our Coasties, and it’s no different at Cape May Brewing Company,” Ryan says. “For eight weeks each year, they call Cape May home and treat us with as much care and respect as they would their own hometown. We owe a debt of gratitude to each recruit who goes through the Training Center: not only do they work tirelessly to keep our shores safe, but their dedication to Cape May Brewing Company has been instrumental in our success. After their tour of duty, they return to their homes with our merchandise, our logo, and tales of some of the best beer they’ve ever had.

“We could think of no better way to thank them than with a beer in their honor.”

Semper Paratus — “Always Ready” — is the motto of the Coast Guard, and we’ve used that as both the name and concept of the brew.

1000w_q95“We really wanted a beer that could be your go-to brew for any occasion,” says Director of Brewing Operations Jimmy Valm. “But we also like to brew beers that we at CMBC enjoy drinking, which usually means ‘HOPS!’ It took a few tries, but in the end, I think we really nailed it with a beer that anyone can enjoy.”

In Always Ready, drinkers will find brilliant aromas of orange and tangerine zest combined with a hint of dankness. With a medium body, thanks to the addition of wheat and oats in the grain bill, Always Ready is hopped heavily with Mosaic, Citra, Denali, Calypso, Ekuanot, and Zythos, bringing an intense hop aroma paired with a light bitterness.

“The approachability is really on full display at first sip,” says Head Brewer Brian Hink. “The aroma is intense, but it’s also intensely intriguing, and as soon as you try it you know you’re drinking something unique. The hopheads are going to love it, but the low bitterness, medium body, and enticing aroma really make this something for everyone.”

1000w_q95 (2)The news has already broken at the Training Center, and the Coast Guard is thrilled to be recognized with a beer brewed in their honor.

“Members of Coast Guard Training Center Cape May are honored to be part of the Cape May community,” said Chief Warrant Officer Jake Cuomo, the personnel officer at the Training Center. “The recognition of our relationship by businesses in the area exemplify why we say that Cape May County is the Coast Guard’s hometown.”

We’ll be celebrating the release of this distinctive brew with a release event on February 8th from 5-8pm. There, we’ll debut our new Coast Guard discount — $1 off pints for active-duty and retired USCG members, year round.

1000w_q95 (1)“We’re thrilled to celebrate the Coast Guard Community that we are,” says Chief Celebrations Officer Randi Friel, “and to show our appreciation for being always ready when our country is in need. The Coast Guard has shown us a lot of support throughout the years and we want them to know we’re thankful.”

And we are. On an average day, the brave men and women of the Coast Guard conduct 109 search-and-rescue missions, save 10 lives and assist 192 people in distress, seize 169 pounds of marijuana and 306 pounds of cocaine, respond to 20 oil or hazardous chemical spills, launch 396 small-boat missions and 164 aircraft missions, service 135 aids to navigation, and ultimately protect nearly $3M in property. Every day.

These guys (and girls) really are always ready.

They definitely deserve a beer. And we’re proud to give it to them.

Join us on February 8th to celebrate all that the Coast Guard does for us on a regular basis.

NB: Due to federal law, we cannot ship beer, regardless of whether or not you’re stationed at another Coast Guard base. We’d love to, but we can’t. Maybe you’ll get a chance to come home to Cape May soon….