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Cape May Brewery Sponsors Escape The Cape

On this island, it’s hard to throw a Cape May Brew Co frisbee without hitting a person exercising. There are runners on the promenade. Surfers on the beach. Even a retro rollerblader or two weaving throughout the historic district.

And to cater to all of the athletes, there are races. Boy, are there races. We’ve got ETC - logo -01 turkey trots, glow runs, nun runs, a Run to the Taproom 5K, even the Ocean Drive Marathon which kicks off here every spring.

But there’s nothing quite like this Sunday’s award-winning Escape the Cape. Not in Cape May,
not anywhere. It’s why we’re so proud to be among the sponsors.

Now in its third year, the event — comprised of a sprint triathlon (.35-mile swim, 12.5-mile bike, 5k run) as well as an international triathlon (1-mile swim, 25-mile bike, 5-mile run) — requires participants to jump 12-feet from the deck of the Cape May-Lewes Ferry into the Delaware Bay for the first leg of competition. At 8am on June 14, a record 1,700 athletes will take the plunge. Some of them will require the coaxing of a certified sports psychologist.

“Regular doctors talk you off of the ledge,” says event organizer Steve Del Monte of DelMo Sports. “He’ll have you leaping from it.”

Image courtesy of slowtwitch.com.
Image courtesy of slowtwitch.com.

Don’t worry – no one’s been injured in the race’s history. Save for our President Ryan Krill, who was set to participate in last year’s event until, just prior to the race, he nearly sliced off his thumb while installing a projector in the CMBC tasting room. You think jumping from a ferry is tough? Try balancing over a bar while cutting zip ties from a conduit.

Anywho, immediately following the competition will be an after-party at the ferry featuring barbeque, lawn games, and a special Pale Ale brew from yours truly called, appropriately, Escape the Cape.

“Cape May Brewery is a great partner,” Steve says. “The beer for this event – kind of like jumping from a ferry – is something you can’t get anywhere else.  CMBC aspires to expose its brand to as many people as possible without losing touch with what makes them special, and DelMo Sports has the same goal. We may be in very different fields, but that’s where we connect; that’s at the center of it all.”

As for the beer itself?

“The primary purpose was to make something refreshing for after a tough workout,” says Lead Brewer Brian. “At the same time, we made sure it has an edge because, I mean, these people are jumping off of a ferry. They’re pretty badass.”

So there you have it: a badass race and some badass beer… not a poor way to spend a Sunday. Of course, if you can’t get to the ferry for the big event, we’ll be tapping Escape the Cape in the tasting room on Friday, and pouring until we run out.

Best of luck to all participants!

Image courtesy of delmosports.com.
Image courtesy of delmosports.com.