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Cape May AltBier On Tap

Prior to the 16th century, all beers were ales. And what a vanilla world it was.

But then some crafty Bavarians invented lager, a more “clean”-tasting beer fermented at cooler temperatures (about 50 degrees as opposed to 65ish), and made with top-fermenting, as opposed to bottom-fermenting, yeast strains. ┬áMedieval peeps rejoiced.

Except for some.

Some people — we’ll call them medieval hipsters — bucked the trend. They grew nostalgic for the old way and, therefore, brought back an ancient brown-ale brew they called Alt, meaning “old” in German.

Now, you can try the beer at CMBC.

Our iteration is smooth, rich, and clean, a flavor profile that will speak to Yuengling fans. Not yeasty, not too hoppy — this is one well-balanced beverage. ABV is 5.1%.

Come thirsty.