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"Moving from a 2,000-square-foot cooler to an 8,500-square-foot warehouse will allow Cape Beverage the flexibility to add more brands that will complement our current lineup.”

Cape Beverage is Moving!

Cape Beverage is a company on the move!

As Cape May Brewing Company grows and we take on more brands at our sister company, Cape Beverage, the space limitations here at the Cape May Airport have become a little tight. So, beginning in April, Cape Beverage is moving on to a bigger space in Egg Harbor Township!

But no worries! While you won’t be able to get any beers in Egg Harbor Township, you’ll still be able to get all of Cape May Brewing Company’s tasty brews at the Cape May Airport!

“This move will allow us to better serve craft beer drinkers throughout New Jersey,” Ryan says. “Cape Beverage delivers quality craft beers to all twenty-one counties in the state, and a location more centrally-located will allow us to service our accounts more efficiently than from our current location in Cape May.”

We spun off Cape Beverage last year, moving our sales division and our distribution into one separate company, all housed here at the airport. Regardless, things are getting tight and there’s only so much room here.

“Both Cape Beverage and the brewery have outgrown their space at the Cape May Airport,” says Krill. “With the expectation of bringing on several impressive new brands into the Cape Beverage portfolio in the coming year, moving Cape Beverage’s operations to Egg Harbor Township will give the brewery more room to grow while also positioning Cape Beverage to better serve new brands.”

So, we found ourselves a shiny, new location! Well… shiny and new to us: the building’s been there a while. It was a Habitat for Humanity ReStore for a bit. Regardless, it’s less than a half-mile from the junction of two of New Jersey’s major highways: the Garden State Parkway and the Atlantic City Expressway.

“From an operational efficiency standpoint, this new location in Egg Harbor Township reduces the time our employees spend on the road by ninety minutes a day per employee,” says Operations Manager of Cape Beverage, Justin Vitti. “Round trip, the Egg Harbor Township location is seventy-five miles closer to the weighted geographical center of our distribution area. This means a faster response time and better service to our accounts throughout New Jersey.”

And all of the Sales Managers will be moving their base of operations to Egg Harbor Township, as well, as it’s much easier to get to than our location at the very southern tip of New Jersey.

In addition, the building is huge. Gigantic. So much more room for activities!

“With the limitations of our current location,” says Director of Sales for Cape Beverage, Bill Zaninelli, “we’ve been restrained from expanding our current brand offering. Moving from a 2,000-square-foot cooler to an 8,500-square-foot warehouse will allow Cape Beverage the flexibility to add more brands that will complement our current lineup.”

We’re in the process of getting everything buttoned up and putting the finishing touches on the office space and the warehouse, and we become official on April 1st!



    Will you be serving @ the new location or will that remain down south?
    Larry Tracy

    1. Cape May Brewing Company

      The new location is only warehouse and office space, not licensed to serve any brews, unfortunately.

        1. Cape May Brewing Company

          Yes! We’re definitely not moving our Tasting Room. You’ll still be able to find all of our beers here at the Cape May Airport. The location in EHT is warehouse and office space, giving us more room down here to make more beer!

  2. Good luck! Glad to hear your not moving the tasting room. Love that place and visit it often. Im in Wildwood often and I always come by for a beer or four. 😉

  3. What types of activities can we look forward to for us EHT residents!?!

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