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"It’s really a great place to spend a day.”

The Brewtanical Garden

Show of hands: Who remembers our Beer Garden back when it extended about five feet from the back of the building?

It was cute. It was intimate. It did the job back when we were a much smaller brewery. Believe it or not, that was only four short years ago. We’ve since expanded it three times, turning it into the gorgeous expanse of brick and wood that you see today.

Yet, it’s still pretty insular. You’re outside… but it still kinda feels like you’re inside. You’re open to the sky — and there certainly isn’t any air conditioning –, but it can feel like an extension of the Tasting Room. 

With the increased need for social distancing and outdoor seating, our fans deserve one more way to experience Cape May Brewing Company.

“They’ve always had the Tasting Room,” says Tasting Room General Manager Chris Costello, “we fixed up the Barrel Room and made it into a different experience. While we’re being a little hamstrung by COVID, we can’t really use those spaces, so our fans have had no choice but to sit in the Beer Garden.”

And we’re all about your right to choose at Cape May Brewing Company — after all, have you seen our tap list?!?

“Let’s give our fans a different experience,” he said.

So, we’ve changed gears a bit, bringing you an entirely new way to experience Cape May Brewing Company: The Brewtanical Garden.

Behind the Tasting Room at 1288 Hornet Road, there’s a huge expanse of open space. There hasn’t been much we could do there — after all, it wasn’t ours to do anything with — but, if you attended last year’s Pick of the Batch, you know that the space has potential.

There’s a charming wooded glen back there, full of stoic oak trees and lush lawns — a place where you can sit in the shade, sink your feet into the grass, and enjoy everything that nature has to offer. 

It’s the perfect place to sit with a beer, so we decided to make that happen.

However, the Brewtanical Garden is certainly a different experience than what you might be used to in the Tasting Room or even the Beer Garden.

First of all, there’s no need to come to the front door. The entrance to the Brewtanical Garden isn’t accessible from the main entrance — simply park around back and head directly to the entrance, which you can’t miss.

That means that you’ll have to decide before you get here where you’ll want to hang out: do you want the comfort of our Beer Garden or would you prefer the rustic charm of the Brewtanical Garden?

You’ll be greeted at the gate by one of our wonderful Greeters who will check IDs of your party. Then, you can grab a seat at any of the thirty or so picnic tables we’ll have set up — each of which seats up to six people.

When you get out there, you’ll see that we have our beer trailer and a handful of taps set up, giving you sixteen taps to choose from. Four taps will be taken by our core brands: Cape May IPA, Coastal Evacuation, Always Ready, and Cape May White; another four will be pouring our four summer hits: The Bog, Tan Limes, Crushin’ It, and The Grove; and the other four will rotate through whichever limited, Tasting Room-only, or draft offerings we might have.

“You’ll be able to get almost the same variety in the Brewtanical Garden as you’d find in the Beer Garden or inside the Tasting Room,” Chris says. 

One of the things that we’re really excited about is the fact that the Brewtanical Garden will be DOG FRIENDLY!!!

“Since it’s not inside in an area where we’re actively brewing and visitors don’t have to go through an area that we’re actively brewing,” Chris says, “well-behaved, leashed dogs are more than welcome in the Brewtanical Garden. We’re planning on getting some water bowls out there because your dog deserves a drink in the heat, too.”

While you’re in the Brewtanical Garden, we ask that you stay at your table except to grab a beer from the bar. No standing, no wandering around, and we ask that the kiddos stay at the table with you.

We’ll have a merchandise display out there, and you’ll be able to order merchandise from your table, just like in the Beer Garden. You’ll be able to pick it up before you leave, but please keep in mind that the Brewtique closes their doors promptly at 7pm.

We’re sure that our fans will enjoy this new experience: it’s really a nice spot to hang out and have a beer. 

“The great thing about this space is that it’s shaded all day long,” Chris says. “And it stays light out here right up until closing, and should throughout Labor Day. It’s really a great place to spend a day.”

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The Brewtanical Garden will be open Thursday through Saturday, noon to 6pm, and on Sunday from noon to 4pm. Be sure to check it out on your next visit!