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Brew Update

Big news this week, guys. We’ve got two beers being released, and something special maturing:


Our South Jersey Secession Session Scottish Ale — affectionately referred to as SOJO — is on tap as of Wednesday, November 4. The 4.7% brew has all the malty goodness you’ve come to expect from a Scottish beer… let’s just say hops are not as readily available in the Highlands as, say, haggis. Don’t blame us if, after a few sips, you’re left jonesing for Mel Gibson shouting “Freedom” in a kilt.

King Porter Stomp

This is our rich and chocolaty American Porter that’s out on November 6 in honor of The Exit Zero International Jazz Fest. We told you all about it here.  What we didn’t tell you? Some time in the not-so-distant future, it will be available on nitro in our tasting room. This means it’s been carbonated with mostly nitrogen rather than carbon dioxide, resulting in smaller bubbles, a creamier mouthfeel, and a fluffy white head. In other words, it’s worth getting jazzed about.

Dubbel Marker

Remember this brew? It was made in the Trappist tradition, utilizing Belgian yeast strains for a finished product that was lush and fruity. Well, this time around, we’re not distributing it. Instead, we’re saving a portion of the batch for release next month in our tasting room so that Dubbel Marker fans can get their fill, and then we’re barreling the majority off. The end result will be a sour beer.

“The Dubbel Marker is big and malty with lots of sugars leftover after fermentation for organisms to continue munching on in the barrels,” says CMBC’s Chief Operating Officer Chris “Hank” Henke. “Also, the Belgian yeast strain we use lends a lot of esters that will give off interesting flavors during this second fermentation.”

As for how long the beer will be here? Your guess is as good as ours.

“It could be up to a year,” Chris says. “But we don’t really know. That’s what makes the process exciting.”

We’ll keep you posted on the progress — stay tuned.