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Brew In Review

Last week, we brewed for the first time in our new location — and in our new, 30-barrel brewhouse — and what a ride it was. We began on Tuesday… with a 13-hour day. Then came two 11-hour days on Wednesday and Thursday, and a 10-hour day on Friday. It’s a good thing lead brewer BrianHink likes coffee.

“Getting comfortable with the new equipment has been a lot like making the move from a PC to a MAC,” he says. “The job is the same, but not quite.”

Of course, there are kinks to be worked out, too, which is to be expected in a building that’s still receiving her finishing touches. Facility technician Carl Hudson spent some time last week balancing precariously over a 120-degree boil kettle in order to finish off work on the glycol piping above.

And then there’s COO Chris “Hank” Henke…

“I’ve been spending time fixing tiny leaks here and there,” he says, adding that he’ll taste whatever fluid he sees to get an idea of what, exactly, it is. “If it’s bitter, it’s the glycol… but don’t worry, it’s food-grade glycol.”

As the guys busy themselves, uh, licking various pieces of equipment, we’ll lay out the plan for brewing from here on out:

120 barrels per week at the new location (which is double what we produced last year)

15 barrels per week at the original building

6,000 barrels per year total, maybe a little over

“This schedule doesn’t mean we’re at capacity,” Brian says. “It means we have room to brew extra, one-off beers as they arise.”

One such recipe will be a special papal-themed beverage out for Pope Francis’ visit to Philly this September.

We’ll keep you posted on that and, in the meantime, check out this cool video of our fermenter tank being moved across the airport last week, from our original building to our new warehouse space.

“It took two forklifts, one to grab the eyehooks on top and lift, and one to grab from the bottom,” says Brian. “It came over like a hammock, hung between the two.”

Sales rep Richie Rallo shot the footage, and he was so thorough, he even got the roadkill en route.