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"I can't wait to drink an ice-cold pint of Crushin' It looking out at the Delaware Bay during an epic sunset."

Brew Crew Picks

For many of us throughout the Garden State, the day we’ve been waiting for came on Monday: bars and restaurants were allowed to reopen!

It was some extraordinarily welcome news throughout the state, as it’s one of the first, tentative signs that we’re returning to normal… whatever that may be. We reopened our Beer Garden in Cape May, and hundreds of our accounts throughout the state did the same.

Like you, the Brew Crew has been patiently waiting for our accounts to make a reappearance. We’ve all been waiting with bated breath for a chance to sit in the sun at our favorite tiki bar, whiling away the hours with a cold Crushin’ It in hand.

Here’s what our Brew Crew hopes to see on draft at their favorite spots this summer.

Stanley’s Tavern, Wilmington, DE

What we hope to see on tap: Cape May IPA and Coastal Evacuation

A classic, historic bar in North Wilmington!

Yesterday’s, Marmora, NJ

What we hope to see on tap: They have two dedicated lines — one Cape May IPA and one rotating. We’re hoping to see some of The Bog and The Grove there this summer.

All the locals love Yesterday’s. It has such a fun atmosphere, and on Saturday nights a band plays on the back deck. Yesterday’s is always the place to be to watch Sunday football so be sure to get there early to save yourself a seat! Be sure to check out the bar specials and apps because they are awesome!

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Ye Olde Rathskeller, Cranford, NJ

What we hope to see on tap: Coastal Evacuation and The Grove

I just want to enjoy a Coastal and a tuna melt.

Harpoons on the Bay, N. Cape May, NJ

What we hope to see on tap: Crushin’ It, The Grove

I can’t wait to visit the awesome staff, grab some great food (made by our very own favorite Lisa), and watch a beautiful sunset with my boyfriend and dog!

Last summer (before I joined the Brew Crew) I first tasted Crushin’ It on tap at Harpoon’s. This is my neighborhood spot: kid-friendly with the BEST sunset views.

I can’t wait to drink an ice-cold pint of Crushin’ It looking out at the Delaware Bay during an epic sunset. Nothing beats that view and the awesome atmosphere, and you know what is an added bonus? I get to have my gorgeous golden retriever Shaka with me while I enjoy it all.

The Old Oar House Irish Pub, Millville, NJ

What we hope to see on tap: They rotate through a few throughout the year. You’re always likely to find at least one CMBC brew, and sometimes as many as five.

There’s nothing not to love about the Oar. First of all, they have like forty taps, so you’re going to like at least seven of the beers on. The food is great, and they rotate out weekly specials so there’s always something new to try. (Unless you’re there four times a week like some of us.) It’s the kind of place to visit with friends, and, if you don’t have any friends, you’ll make some while you’re there. And Head Bartender Phil Shepherd was named South Jersey’s Favorite Bartender by Cat Country 107.3 earlier this year — a well-deserved honor! (When he’s not throwing coasters at me.)

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Tommy’s Tavern + Tap, Sea Bright, NJ

What we hope to see on tap: The Grove

There’s no better way to spend a day than drinking The Grove outside by the Shrewsbury River.

PJ Whelihan’s, Downingtown, PA

What we hope to see on tap: Crushin’ It and The Grove

PJ’s is awesome! Every time I go there, the staff is great and the atmosphere is fantastic.

The Ugly Mug, Cape May, NJ

What we hope to see on tap: Cape May IPA

I used to stop in every Sunday night after a long work week; nothing beats enjoying a Cold IPA with Tommy to get you ready for the next work week!

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Deauville Inn, Strathmere, NJ

What we hope to see on tap: Tan Limes

I am looking forward to sipping a nice cold Cape May brew on the deck of the newly remodeled Deauville Inn in Strathmere. The Deauville has some great sunset views of the bay and I have not yet checked out their new menu. I am excited to try it and sip on a refreshing Tan Limes.

Pint, Jersey City, NJ

What we hope to see on tap: Any seasonal beer in the rotation!

This Jersey City bar has the best daily happy hour specials with over 50 beers on tap, CMBC being a fan favorite! While closed they have been hosting weekly “Bearly Bingo Nights” live on Instagram, and now they have to-go beers and cocktails available. With Jersey City expanding pedestrian ways to allow for more outdoor seating, just follow “Rainbow Road” to lead you to the best LBGT bar in town…especially to celebrate Pride Month!

Luna’s Outdoor Bar and Grille at the Savoy Inn, East Vineland, NJ

What we hope to see on tap: Cape May IPA and Always Ready

The Savoy has been sitting on the corner of Landis and Union Avenues in East Vineland for as long as anyone can remember. The place has been handed down generation to generation in the Merighi family, and, nine years ago, Tommy Merighi opened an outside tiki bar. Throughout the lockdown, they really did a lot to help the local community: selling some of the hard-to-find essentials and hosting a meal pick-up for food-insecure families. Luna’s is inspired by Tommy’s (many) trips to Key West, the excellent food is inspired by the dishes he found there. The tuna sashimi-stuffed avocado is a must-have, and it’s excellent with a cold Always Ready!

Westside Saloon, West Wildwood, NJ

What we hope to see on tap: Crushin’ It (although I think they only ran with Cape May IPA last summer)

Westside is a great bar with excellent food and freshly-made crushes (orange, grapefruit, pineapple, watermelon) and live music. What’s not to love?

8th Street Tavern, Hoboken, NJ

What we hope to see on tap: Crushin’ It for the summer! They carry all the seasonal favorites and the classics, too!

8th Street is in the center of Hoboken on Washington Street and it is known for its bar games, comfort food, and extensive craft beer selection. They used quarantine time to put together new outdoor seating which is now available with a reservation. Make sure to get their special: an app, two sandwiches, and a 4-pack of craft beer for under $50!

Jasper’s Backyard, Conshohocken, PA

What we hope to see on tap: Cape May IPA on their dedicated line

Great food! Casey (bartender) is awesome!! Cool outdoor space is perfect in the summer.

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Pig Dog, Wildwood, NJ

What we hope to see on tap: Any and all of our beers! Hoping they have Tan Limes this summer.

Pig Dog is right on the beach with an amazing view! It just doesn’t feel like summer until I have my toes in the sand and a cold Cape May IPA or Tan Limes in my hand.

Island Pizza, Birdsboro, PA

What we hope to see on tap: Tan Limes on our dedicated line on the deck

Boardwalk pizza!! Great staff! Awesome outdoor space. Lots of fun in the sun!

Taproom Bar and Grill, Haddon Township, NJ

What we hope to see on tap: While they lean toward variety, I’m hoping to see Crushin’ It make an appearance.

They have a great outdoor deck with a ton of beers I can’t get on tap anywhere else, including a variety of Cape May brews!

Two Mile Landing, Wildwood Crest, NJ

What we hope to see on tap: Cape May IPA

Some of the best sunsets in the area, old fashioned picnic tables for all-you-can-eat crabs, multiple bars, and live music. And the manager Joanna is great!

Mayer’s Tavern, Cape May, NJ

What we hope to see on tap: Always Ready

I dream of the smoked bluefish dip. It’s absolutely perfect. Also the scallops, hand-cut fries, and citrus slaw. Best scallops I’ve ever had in my 33 years on this earth. Plus Alex is an amazing woman running this bar and restaurant with her father, Keith.

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Buffalo Wild Wings, Moorestown, NJ

What we hope to see on tap: They have a rotating tap for Cape May. I heard they were putting on Coastal Evacuation before COVID.

Great Wings!!!! Great Staff!!!! Great Servers!!!! Fun Atmosphere!!!!

Gordon Ramsay Pub and Grill in Caesars, Atlantic City, NJ

What we hope to see on tap: Firkin Friday

For the last two years or so, I’ve been spending my first Friday of the month at Gordon Ramsay Pub and Grill for our Firkin Friday events. Each month our production crew creates a delicious one-of-a-kind treat, and its tapping by Michael at GRPG comes with much fanfare and accolade! You’d be hard-pressed to find a more loyal fan than Michael, and his staff is just stellar. I miss the GRPG crew and the new and returning customers who find interest in creative brews truly “Crafted on the Cape”!

22 West, Bound Brook, NJ

What we hope to see on tap: Always Ready

They’ve had CMBC on tap since 2018. Prior to quarantine, they had just completed an addition to the restaurant complete with outdoor seating. They’ve got great atmosphere and food. I recommend one of their Mac Skillets and the Parmesan Truffle Fries.

Cape May National Golf Course, Erma, NJ

What we hope to see on tap: Cape May White, Tan Limes, and The Bog

Really miss the 19th hole with my golfing buddies. I think they should carry more Cape May brews!

Tiff’s Grill & Ale House, Morris Plains, NJ

What we hope to see on tap: Coastal Evacuation

MUNCHIE TRIO. They have an app called Munchie Trio that is potato skins, mozzarella triangles, and chicken fingers. All of the dips are perfect. It’s also a great place to watch football if that ever happens again.

Charlie’s Bar, Somers Point, NJ

What we hope to see on tap: Always Ready, Cape May IPA

I love to enjoy a cold Always Ready with my BBTs (Boneless Breast Tenders) with Tail Gun sauce and Top Gun the side! I would love to see a line for variety but at least they have Always Ready. Very drinkable with wings.

There’s just something about being at Charlie’s. You can always make a friend at the back bar (shout out to Shane!) or have a great time with family and friends at a table. Fridays are my favorite night to visit but BBTs to go are always a win. Choose the Tail Gun with Top Gun on the side. Blue cheese and celery? Duh.

Wings and Cape May IPA – yum! Charlie’s food is awesome: not just the wings, but anything on the menu. And I’ve been in their kitchen, it is shiny clean! They take pride in everything they serve. I have driven over the bridge for some take-out, but I miss the interaction with the staff and the smell of some good hot wings! If they set up some tables outside, I am definitely making this a stop on my way home from Cape Bev in EHT. Maybe I will ride my bike over from OC?

I love their Buffalo tenders Tail Gun sauce with a side of Top Gun (because it’ll burn you up), it’s always lively in there and you can’t beat the jukebox where you have to hit play next because it’s a hot commodity. I’ll usually have an Always Ready to start but usually end the night with a few orange crushes. I often meet some of the other drivers there for post-work beers.

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Blu Alehouse, Riverdale, NJ

What we hope to see on tap: Cape May White

Their ribs are the most underrated thing on the menu. Get a full rack and take half home. They’re money on the reheat.

(Check out our blog on Blu Alehouse!)

American Sardine Bar, Philadelphia, PA

What we hope to see on tap: They always have at least one line of Cape May, but they often back up one of the core beers like Cape May IPA with some of our seasonal or more limited releases. I’m sure they’ll have one of our great summer beers ready for all of us coming back!

First: it’s one of my neighborhood bars, and it’s been tough knowing we were so close, yet so far away. Second, they’ve got a great outdoor patio where I can enjoy a beer and some nice weather with a friend or two while maintaining the rules and regulations still in place in the city. It doesn’t hurt the food is also excellent…

Anyone who joined us last year for the Philly Loves Beer Week event saw firsthand how well a CMBC beer, some snacks, and some sun go together at ASB. Anyone who hasn’t yet needs to go try (and wave hi if you see me!)

(Check out our blog on American Sardine Bar!)

Terrace Tavern, Long Beach Island, NJ

What we hope to see on tap: Tan Limes

Great food and great staff!

Stone Water, Lake Hopatcong, NJ

What we hope to see on tap: Honey Porter

The food is top-notch and the patio has some of the best views of Lake Hopatcong in the entire area. Everything I have had there is fantastic, and they do everything they can to make your meal perfect.

Wingcraft, Atlantic City, NJ

What we hope to see on tap: All of ‘em! There are plenty of times I’ve gone in there and they’ve had 5 or so of our offerings on tap just on a normal day. A few times I’ve been in there while they’re doing a tap takeover with another brewery, and they actually had more lines of CMBC than of the brewery doing the “takeover”.

Their food is phenomenal, great atmosphere, and 40 lines of great local craft beer. They list on their chalkboard when the last time they cleaned their taps, and it’s always within the recommended two-week window, which is something you rarely see in South Jersey. But at Wingcraft I can comfortably order any beer and know it’s going to taste how the brewer intended for the beer to taste, and that’s a great thing. 

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Dog & Bull Brew & Music House, Croydon, PA

What we hope to see on tap: Tan Limes on tap! They always rotate our beers in their draft line-up and have our cans, as well.

Great menu & killer brunch. Can’t wait for live music to make a come back here!! Overall a kickass spot.

(Check out our blog on Dog & Bull!)

Definitely find some time to check out one of these awesome accounts near you! For more locations, be sure to check out our Beer Finder!