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“I always find myself reaching for a dark beer this time of year, and Honey Porter really hits the spot in these cold months."

Brew Crew Picks their Favorite Holiday Beers

Skip the milk and cookies — for 2020, Santa wants a beer.

And Santa’s not picky. He’ll drink any Cape May Brewing Company brew.

So, this week, we caught up with the Brew Crew to find out what they’re stocking up on this holiday season. 

Boughs of Barley

“I love a nice big flavored and bold (big ABV) sipper while putting up the Christmas tree. Boughs of Barley is perfect for this occasion. We do two live trees at our house each year: a smaller tree for the front living room window (8’) and a second tree for our family room that’s 10+ feet and really fat (hence the name Fat Bastard). This year is FB #8 and should be the largest yet. I get the chore of putting the lights and garland on both trees and love to put some Christmas music on, sip one or two Boughs of Barley and get into decorating. Ho Ho Ho!” — Director of Sales Bill Zaninelli

“You can’t beat a nice aged beer to share with friends and family, socially distanced, of course.” — Head Distribution Specialist Chris Martin

Coastal Evacuation

“My CMBC beer of choice for the holiday season is actually one of my summer favorites, as well. Definitely, the perfect fire pit beer for this time of year, but, as the bitter cold settles in, I start thinking about a Coastal Evacuation of my own to some place warmer, in search of the ‘Endless Summer’. To take a line from the Kenny Chesney Christmas song, “All I Want for Christmas is a Real Good Tan…(Limes?).” — Barback Mike Austin

Honey Porter

“I always find myself reaching for a dark beer this time of year, and Honey Porter really hits the spot in these cold months. Normally on Christmas Eve, I bring this bad boy to share with friends and family, but I suppose I can drink a bit more of it myself this year.” — Cape Beverage Warehouse Manager Craig Tropp

“A nice dark beer for when the days get darker earlier — nothing beats a Honey Porter for the fall/winter months.” — Packaging Operator Mitchell Freeman

“I love sipping some Honey Porter by the fire. It’s a great sipping beer, perfect for these colder nights.” — Brewtique Supervisor and Inventory Controller Karen Flood 

NB: Honey Porter is not currently available canned.

Mop Water

“Mop Water is an easy-drinking ale spiced up for the holidays. It pairs well with holiday meals and snacks. For me, it’s the beer equivalent of a mulled wine.” — Distribution Specialist Darius Clark

“The wonderful bouquet of spices, supporting grain bill, and subtle sweetness are all reminiscent of dessert and cool nights by a fire.” — Packaging Manager Mark Graves

“The five spices in Mop Water give this German brown ale a taste that compliments any meal during the holidays from Thanksgiving to Christmas and New Year’s. It is ESPECIALLY delicious with desserts like pumpkin and apple pies, my two favorites!” — Greeter Tom Myers

“What doesn’t make Mop Water so great for the holidays? It pairs perfectly with traditional holiday dinners, but most importantly it’s delicious with any type of Christmas cookie! Cheers and Merry Christmas!” — Greeter Barbara Bur

“A spiced ale is perfect around the holidays! Cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, allspice, and vanilla — it’s like Christmas cheer in a can!” — Sales Manager Scott McIntyre

That Cranberry Good Good

“That Cranberry Good Good screams holiday to me! Cranberries have always been a staple in all my holiday meals, so this is a natural fit. That Cranberry Good Good will fill the hole in your life that started forming a few months ago when The Bog went into hibernation for the winter. It’s also great in a mimosa!” — Tasting Room General Manager Chris Costello

“Makes the holidays a little more sweet!” — Tasting Room Supervisor Danielle Brasch

“That Cranberry Good Good is sparkly, refreshing, and versatile. It’s festive in champagne glasses with hors d’oeuvres or served in a pint glass with holiday dinner leftovers. Beer connoisseurs and amateurs alike enjoy this brew and how fun is it to say, “I’ll have more Good Good!” — Guest Guru Mary Braccili

“In my opinion, That Cranberry Good Good is The Bog on steroids! It’s so easy to drink, yet has way more kick to it than everyone’s favorite summer shandy. Not to mention, who doesn’t enjoy some sort of cranberry-esque food or drink around the dinner table on the holidays?!” — Sales Assistant Jenna Rae Rohana

“It’s delicious and so easy to drink for an 8% beer. It’s the perfect beer to get me through wrapping presents (which I hate doing). Every time I lose the tape or the scissors, I take a sip!” — Brewtique Associate Kaley Palasch

Apple Bomb

“Picking Apple Bomb is only half the story. Christine told me to mix it with Mop Water and that concoction is what I will be drinking this holiday season. Craig gets credit for the name though – Mopple Bomb!” — Cape Beverage AR and Credit Specialist Noelle Smuz (The rest of us call it Apple Pie. — ed.

“Mix Apple Bomb and Mop Water together and feel the warmth!” — Director of People Operations Christine Bry

Ties the Room Together

“White Russians are a holiday tradition in our family, so Ties the Room Together is my favorite Christmas brew. It’s the perfect beer to leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve with some homemade cookies.” — Accounting Lead Katie VanZandt

“Santa has a LOT of stops on December 25th, and, rather than leaving out the expected milk for the big man, I plan on leaving out Ties the Room Together and a warm sugar cookie. That is TOTALLY one way to be on the nice list for a few years. Santa will be saying, ‘Ho, ho, hold my beer!’ before hopping down the neighbor’s chimney.” — Social Media and Design Alchemist Courtney Rosenberg

Cape May Coffee Stout

“I have been LOVING this beer. The roastiness of the beer is so great paired with the delicious desserts that come around at Christmastime. I almost want to dip some biscotti into it!” — Regional Sales Manager Erin Gale

“The roasted coffee flavor of Cape May Coffee Stout is excellent while sitting by the fireplace and gazing upon the Christmas tree.” — Sales Manager Mike Laferrera

White Caps

“Although we may not have a White Christmas, we will definitely be having White Caps on Christmas. This double IPA drinks smoothly and is not overpowering. Always a solid choice.” — Greeter Jim Bradley

“The Tesauro household always has a serious spread for the Seven Fishes on Christmas Eve. While the gathering will be smaller this year, there will still be lots of food coming out of the kitchen for hours (the smelts are my favorite part). During the Seven Fishes, White Caps is a go-to for me because the notes of stonefruit keep it bright for being a DIPA, and it’s so easily crushable that I can enjoy several over the course of the meal.” — Brewtique Associate Danielle Tesauro

Swinging the Lamp

“While I can get behind a festive beer like Mop Water or a Boughs of Barley, when I’m celebrating the Feast of the Seven Fishes I like a nice, hoppy beer to pair with all the seafood. This year’s Swinging the Lamp is a particularly tasty one, and will be what I’m enjoying this holiday even if it’s a smaller celebration. I definitely plan on drinking one while frying up the smelts!” — Brewtique Associate Jenna Tesauro

No matter what your favorite CMCB beer is for the holidays, you can find it at our Tasting Room or at one of our nearly 2,000 retailers throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Find one near you on our Beer Finder!