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BBQ + our mango seltzer is an ideal combo!

Brew Crew Memorial Day

The true start of summer, Memorial Day weekend, is officially NEXT WEEK (we’re shocked, too!) so we touched base with the rest of our brew crew to see what plans everyone had to celebrate.

And, also, you know, to see whose party we should crash.

Check out how we’re bringing in the summer season! 

“I’m looking forward to seeing some of my friends and family! I will hopefully get a solid day in at the bay, too. Then I will be working Sunday in the Tasting Room. We will be spending Memorial Day at a friend’s wedding! The weekend will be filled with some Cape May brews tagging along!”

—Tasting Room Supervisor Danielle Brasch 

(Ed. note: That’s a jam-packed weekend! If you’re stopping by the Tasting Room on Sunday, make sure to check and see how her day at the bay went!)

“We try to avoid driving anywhere on holiday weekends.  It once took us 45 minutes to get to the hardware store 8 miles away!  My husband and I will be celebrating by filling up the cooler with Boat Ramp Champ and some Grapefruit Seltzer, sporting our Cape May Brewing Company baseball hats and heading outside to christen the outdoor patio furniture and hammock. If it rains, we’ll sit in the garage, where we have some Tan Limes on tap, and invite the neighbors over (they have the pool for the next holiday celebration!!)”

— Director of People Operations Christine Bry

(Ed. note: Having a backup plan is always key, especially if it involves Tan Limes on tap!)

“I’ll be celebrating Memorial Day weekend with my family at my cousin’s new in-ground pool! I’ll be bringing a cooler of Cape May favorites, including Cape May IPA, The Bog, Crushin’ It, and The Grove!!! Watch out for my jack knife jumping into the pool!!!”

—Sales Manager Chris Verderame

(Ed. note: We’re going to have to see video evidence of that dive, Chris!)

“I’ll be doing my seasonal restocking of my mother-in-law and father-in-law’s beer fridge in Cape May! I look forward to sipping on some of my favorites (currently it’s Tan Limes) in their breezeway.”

—Regional Sales Manager Erin Gale

(Ed. note: Be like Erin and make sure to bring some Cape May brews to your folks this weekend!)

“For as long as my husband and I have been together, we have gone out to Ricketts Glenn in PA for Memorial Day weekend. Over the years, the tradition has evolved from just hiking and swimming to bringing friends with us, watching Bee Movie, enjoying Cape May beers, visiting some of the strangest wineries, playing board games, and having bonfires. This year we get to add our dogs into the tradition, and I could not be more excited about it.”

—Lab Manager Lauren Appleman

(Ed. note: Ok, award for Best Plan for the Weekend officially goes to Lauren!)

“This Memorial Day, I plan to avoid the crowds and keep it simple by relaxing with friends on my back patio. We’ll have the fire pit going while sipping on Black Cherry Seltzer.”

—Brewtique Associate and Greeter Barb Burr

(Ed. note: Barb knows what’s up! If you haven’t tried our seltzers yet, you may want to get on that!)

“I plan on enjoying a nice Memorial Day BBQ with my family and sitting by the bonfire drinking some delicious Mango Seltzers!”

—Executive Assistant Andrea Sharp

(Ed. note: BBQ + our mango seltzer is an ideal combo!)

“I hope to have my kitchen remodel wrapped up and be able to enjoy some Follow the Gull and Boat Ramp Champ while making burgers in my new kitchen from my Bob’s Burgers cookbook. (Yes, that is a thing, and yes, you should be jealous!)”

—Brewery Operations Manager James Fox

(Ed. note: In addition to helping run our brewhouse, James spends his time off personally remodeling his home. With his bare hands. The guy likes working on stuff!)

“Every year, my cousin Mike texts me about three weeks in advance about the racks of ribs that he’ll be throwing on the smoker for Memorial Day weekend. Usually, it turns into a nice little backyard family day so the kids can run around and play together while us adults enjoy the weather and the food. I always ask what I can bring to complement the food, and the answer is always beer! I’ll be rounding up some Follow the Gull and Tan Limes to share and enjoy with the family while we watch the kids play in the sunshine. Can’t beat it.”

—Cape Beverage Operations Manager Craig Tropp

(Ed. note: Luckily, Craig has access to a lot of beer options, and those ribs sound like no joke!)

“My family and I will be at the beach, and I plan to enjoy some Tan Limes.”

—Key Account Manager Mike Laferrera

(Ed. note: A trip to the beach really isn’t complete without Tan Limes!)

“We will be spending our Memorial day at a friend’s bbq, titled RIBFEST, where two friends will be participating in a HEATED rib competition that I am more than happy to judge with a Crushin’ It in my hand.”

—Sales Manager Eric Wormann

(Ed. note: Aaand now we’re officially hungry. RIBFEST sounds intense! Eric’s role as judge is pretty choice.) 

“On the beach drinking Tan Limes!”

—Beertender Maddison Devlin

(Ed. note: Classic, just like Maddie!) 

“This Memorial Day can go one of two ways for me. One way is spending my days off in the sun with a cold Tan Limes in hand, a fresh Wawa sandwich, and my Shibumi Shade flowing in the sea breeze, while my nights are spent BBQing and relaxing, again, with a Tan Limes in hand. The second outcome would be sunburnt and running my butt off working at my second job at a local bay-front restaurant. Let’s hope for the first!” 

—Social Media & Design Alchemist Courtney Rosenberg 

(Ed. note: We hope she gets to enjoy a day off as well! She showed us her Shibumi Shade, and you’re going to want to grab one for outdoor plans this year!)


Tan Limes is the runaway favorite of this batch of crew members, and like you’ve seen above, we have lagers, IPAs, and hard seltzers to enjoy as well! 

If you’ve got your Memorial Day weekend plans booked, don’t forget to grab some Cape May brews from your local store. If you’re still trying to figure out plans, we’re going to be rocking out at the Tasting Room all weekend with some exclusive sours to enjoy as well, so come join us, and don’t forget that we have lots of space in our Brewtanical Garden as well!