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“Flannels. Football. Bonfires. Oktoberfest.”

Brew Crew + Fall = True Love

It’s September, the first official month of fall (even though we’re still a few weeks away from the official start), and our Brew Crew is looking forward to the season changing.

We’ve got brand new fall merch in the Brewtique, and fall favorites are already hitting the shelves, including Oktoberfest and Captain May

Read on to see why our crew is looking forward to the coming months!

Barback Steve Cifelli

“Football season and pairing that with Oktoberfest. For those cool, brisk days, I’m looking forward to wearing our new Crafted Rain Coat.”

(Ed. note: The Brew Crew is split half and half between the cream and navy Crafted Rain Coats. Which will you choose?)

Guest Guru and Brand Ambassador Mary Braccili

“Layers! I’m looking forward to layering my CMBC swag! A tee shirt and flannel or my new navy Crafted Rain Coat (which came in handy during the storms recently). And layers mean we are one step away from beanies! Cold Oktoberfest in hand.”

(Ed. note: Speaking of beanies, we happen to have the Shell Yeah and CMBC Classic Beanie on sale, and even have a few left of our personal favorite, the Badge Beanie!)

Packaging Manager Mark Graves

“Fall has always excited me, as it’s the start of marching band and football season. I love the light chill in the air, and the sights, smells, and memories this season brings. As far as our beer, Mop Water is a favorite of mine. I love the spices in that one, and it’s a wonderful beer to end the night with. A nice dessert and Mop Water outside on a cool night is perfect.”

(Ed. note: You can practically feel Mark’s words here, can’t you? It’s a good twenty degrees cooler than usual as we write this, and makes us so excited for the coming weeks! Mark’s also a great cook, so we’re gonna need to know what dessert to pair Mop Water with this season…)

Director of People Operations Christine Bry

I am looking forward to taking my dog Calypso to the beach for walks—well, she runs, I walk.  And returning home to sit around the fire pit with a cold Oktoberfest or Bay Daze in my hand!”

(Ed. note: We’re glad Christine brought up Bay Daze! It’s our new sessionable sour this year, and it’s a great fit for anyone who enjoys more fruity flavors in their brews, or is looking to hold onto the last remnants of summer!) 

Sales Director Bill Zaninelli 

“Really looking forward to drinking my fill of Oktoberfest this year. Really a great batch for 2021 (brewed in house!!). Looking forward to quaffing a few or more pints of that while burning my chiminea (on cool nights!) and listening to some tunes.”

(Ed. note: It’s no secret that from the moment Oktoberfest comes out, our Brew Crew comes out in force to enjoy as much as possible. It dominates our fridges and pint glasses for weeks on end, and we couldn’t be happier.) 

Sales Manager Scott McIntyre

“For me, the return of fall (the best season in my opinion) is also the return of football season and the Eagles hopefully not breaking my heart. Go Birds!”

(Ed. note: Scott’s not wrong. It’s definitely the best season. Eagles, don’t let us down! But either way, there’s always beer, right?)

Lab Manager Lauren Appleman

“Flannels. Football. Bonfires. Oktoberfest.”

(Ed. note: BOOM. Mic drop.)

Sales Manager Eric Wormann

“Fall is a miserable wasteland of a season, but I am looking forward to drinking all of the Oktoberfest my body can handle and watch all the football my wife can stand. I do not want to go outside, I do not want to come up with a Halloween costume, I do not want to pick apples in the cold. Oktoberfest. Football. Full stop.”

(Ed. note: Eric’s words cut deep, but we respect chilling inside to watch football while drinking Oktoberfest! Need some glassware so you can enjoy the gorgeous color of this brew? Check out some options here.) 

Brewtique Associate Barb Bur

“Fall can’t come soon enough. I am looking forward to biking in the cool mornings and enjoying my favorite Cape May brew, Mop Water, by an outdoor fire in the evenings! Cheers!”

(Ed. note: Barb definitely has the right idea! It might not hurt to snag a Vintage Quarter Zip to keep you nice and cozy for any cool morning activities.)