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Brett’d Coastal Out This Week

Get excited – on March 24, we’re releasing our Brett’d Coastal, otherwise known as our Coastal Evacuation DIPA, spiked with brettanomyces.

Yeast can be a tricky thing. We stand by what we said last year – more than any other beer ingredient, if the microscopic fungus were a Breakfast Club character, it would be John Bender, and its report card would read: “problems with authority.” Of course, over the years, humans have learned to domesticate some strains of yeast used in the beer-making process. Others, not so much. Brettanomyces — or brett, for short — falls into the latter category, unpredictable and hard to manage. We gave the run-down on Brett — and why bold brewers choose to work with it despite its wild ways — here.

But in a nutshell (keg shell?), it adds the funk. We’re talking about that great rustic, earthy mouthfeel that’s coming through in our Coastal Evac brew after three months on brett.

Some people might describe the new flavor as “barnyard-y,” which – granted — is not necessarily the most immediately appetizing thing you’ve ever heard, especially if you’re a newbie to this sort of thing. But in the words of our brew team:

“Who is the first guy to look at an eel and think, I want to eat that? People probably thought he was crazy, but look how popular sushi is today. Sometimes, weird and different is good. And for those who have yet to find their beer niche – those who aren’t a fan of, say, dark and bitter IPAs – this is another interesting flavor that might just be the one that speaks to you. Challenge your palette, and you never know – you could be rewarded.”

Come collect your reward, beginning Thursday at noon.

Also: check out this week’s cranberry apple Wednesday One-Off brew. We took cranberry juice, reduced it down to a paste and added it to our Apple Bomb for a lighter, crisp beer that “goes well with this weather breaking,” says in-house chef JP Thomas.

And for those of you in a non-alcohol kind of mood, we’ve got a pear apple soda coming at you this Thursday, made with real apples and pears that were sauteed first with vanilla and cinnamon sticks. Altogether now: Mmmm.

Brett'd Coastal!
Brett’d Coastal!