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We like balanced beers with more complexity

Bounding Main

At our Anniversary Party this weekend, you’ll have the chance to sample our Anniversary Ale 7.0 — it’s a time-bound tradition that we release an iteration of this bangin’ Double IPA each year.

But this year, our fans will get an extra special sneak peek to our upcoming Double IPA release — Bounding Main! This brew doesn’t release to wholesale until mid-July, so visitors to our Seventh Anniversary Celebration will have the chance to sample both brews!

IMG_2477Even though both beers are serious hop-bombs, they’re not the same beer by any stretch of the imagination. The beers are similar in the sense that they’re both heavily-hopped New England Double IPAs, but the flavor and aroma are radically different due to the two different hop bills.

“Different hops are utilized in each beer, and at different rates,” says Director of Brewing Operations Jimmy Valm, “while Anniversary Ale has notes of grapes, citrus fruits, and pine, Bounding Main is more tropical with a hint of dank.”

Bounding Main is predominately Denali and Citra, with El Dorado and Amarillo complementing them.

“Both Anniversary Ale and Bounding Main are really fruity and flavorful New England Double IPAs like Ferraris and Maseratis are both supercars,” says Head Brewer Brian Hink, “but they’re each unique in their own way. Bounding Main is a little cleaner and brighter, Anniversary Ale 7.0 has a fuller body and fluffier mouthfeel, but I’m enjoying them both very much right now.”

With the hops blend in Bounding Main, you’re looking at a big, tropical fruit flavor. And adding them at 5.5 pounds-per-barrel, the hops punch is more like a wallop.

IMG_2501“These hops pair to bring a really nice fruity profile to the beer,” Brian says. “Nice and tropical, I get more orange rind and pineapple than anything else out of it. The El Dorado lays a nice underlying watermelon Jolly Rancher/generic fruity flavor, with the Amarillo and Denali bringing a strong peachy pineapple thing, with the Citra really tying everything together.”

Yet, with all the fruitiness in the hops, there’s an underlying dankness to keep things interesting.

“We like balanced beers with more complexity,” Jimmy says, “and the level of hopping in the beer and the high amount of Denali gives the beer a touch of resin or dankness, too.”

While the hops in Bounding Main make it special, it’s the malt balance in the brew that really sets it apart. We added Carafoam this time around — a somewhat new addition to our malt lineup — which, as the name suggests, helps with foam retention.

IMG_2478“Carafoam is a dextrine malt,” Brian explains, “which basically translates to a grain that produces unfermentable sugar, similar to a crystal or caramel but not sweet at all. That unfermentability helps aid in the body, and this grain specifically helps aid head retention.”

Along with the wheat and oats, the Carafoam creates an impossibly pillowy head due to the high levels of protein.

“Proteins are very important,” Jimmy says. “Not only are they a nutrient for the yeast, but they help to form the bubbles that make up the foam of a beer and also help to retain the head for longer, which accentuates the aromatics of a beer. This can also be done with wheat and oats, which are also high in proteins, but the Carafoam is a bit darker and gives the beer a bit more of a malt kick, and on a hop-heavy beer like this, it helps to make it more balanced.”

Brewer Mark Graves is looking forward to both brews this weekend.


“Bounding Main plays a nice counterpoint to our other release, Anniversary Ale 7.0,” he says. “They play off each other nicely flavorwise, and the differences in aroma are fun to compare, and both are so devilishly smooth!”

And it sounds like Mark is going to be enjoying both during Independence Day barbecues.

“I think the underlying dankness mixed with the fruity overtones create a nice canvas for lightly charred barbecued or grilled chicken and its supporting cast,” he says, “whether that be corn, summer salad, or a nice coleslaw.”

Both beers are perfect for a seventh anniversary/Independence Day celebration!

“We’ll only get to celebrate our 7th Anniversary once,” Jimmy says, “so make the most of it. Both of these beers are limited, and when they’re gone, that’s it!”

So, be sure to swing down to our Seventh Anniversary Celebration and pick up four-packs of both!