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“Very good indeed. Flavorful, balanced, and done very well.”

Bounding Main Bounds Back!

It’s back!

Because it’s awesome, and not a little bit because the label was already TTB approved!

We originally planned to come out with Bounding Main sometime in August, but we had to shelf a new release because the government shutdown put the kibosh on new beers for us. And for everyone else. And a lot of other things, but that’s not why you called in today.

When we first released Bounding Main last year, it was an instant fan favorite and is our highest-rated regular offering on Untappd.

That’s why, when we needed something to fill this spot, the choice was obvious: Bounding Main for the win!

Check out what people are saying about this killer Double IPA.

IMG_2457_1“Check it out Bob, it’s a can I shared with the guys at Tri Hop. Forgot how good this one was!” — Thomas W. (A lot of this is confusing, but he liked the brew, so it’s all good!)

“Really strong beer. Hoppy. Tastes great.” — Bill D.

“Quite good.” — Jim

“Hoppy citrus. Balanced. Smooth. New England style. Very good.” — Rob C.

“Something good out of Jersey!!” — Brian W.

“I think I like this more than City to Shore.” — Chris

“Really like it and a great place for a vacation.” — Terry B.

“Smooooooooth.” — Brooke K. (That’s with EIGHT Os!)

“Hop forward and boozy, just like my college days. Subtle fruit notes on finish. Very nice.” — Bill F.

“Very good indeed. Flavorful, balanced, and done very well.” — Dan P.

“Loved it.” — Infallible P.

“Nice aroma. Great beer.” — Randy S.

“Robust!” — Drew Y.

“Smooth, hoppy, not overbearing.” — Daniel B.

Bounding Main is on tap now! Be sure to swing by the Tasting Room and check it out!