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Probably my favorite brew from Cape May Brew Co.

Bogged Down with Excitement!

The Bog is back in cans, y’all!

We know you’re excited. We can feel it. The comments on Facebook and Insta and on Untappd prove it — you guys have been clamoring for another can release of this delectable cranberry shandy.

We totally don’t blame you. It’s tasty.

So, we’ve got our final summer release for you on Friday, August 24th.

Take a look at all the wonderful things people have had to say about The Bog in cans!

IMG_3374 (1)“I’ll be there tomorrow to get mine. Worth the 200 miles” – Michael Betlow (Facebook)

“I was fifth in line this morning. Totally worth the two hour drive!”- Danielle Cucaracha (Facebook)

“HOLY SANTA CLAUS SHIT” – Paul Decker (Facebook)

“Probably my favorite brew from Cape May Brew Co.” – David Liddell (Facebook)

“Saints preserve us! Finally The Bog in cans! ❤” – @gebbyfish (instagram)

“Finally found a beer I REALLY like” – @capemaycrazy (instagram)

“I’m traveling all the way from Iowa for this!” – @traviswlehman (instagram)

“Not going to be dramatic, but this beer makes me a better woman” – Christina Cupani (Instagram)

“I would drive four hours both ways just to taste a drop” – @gorgeousborgus19 (Instagram)

“Should be the official summer beer of New Jersey” [email protected] (Instagram)

“Reunited and it feels soooo good” – Joanna R. (Untappd)

The Bog returns in cans on Friday, August 24th. As always, there are a few caveats you should probably review, the most important being that this beer must be kept cold.

Even though this is our last canning run for the year, we recently brewed our last batch, so it’ll still be available on draft, in growlers-to-go, and as slushies in the Tasting Room.

Doors open at 11am. Bring a cooler. (Or buy a new cooler bag in the Brewtique!)