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“I consider Cape May Brewing Company to be my ‘home brewery’."

Bikes & Beers Social Distancing Ride

It’s amazing the amount of ingenuity that shows itself in the worst of times. 

Last week, we discussed how some of our fellow breweries and our associations have innovated in the past few weeks. The bars, restaurants, and liquor stores that we serve have found ways to rise to this occasion. 

As events throughout the area have been canceled, the organizers have found ways to keep their spirits alive. Bikes & Beers, an organization dedicated to building communities through human interaction and connection, hosts rides in conjunction with a participating brewery, with proceeds going to support a local cycling advocacy organization.

As COVID-19 rears its ugly head throughout the country, they’ve found a way to serve their mission while maintaining social distancing guidelines through their Bikes & Beers Social Distancing Ride.

Bikes & Beers has reluctantly been forced to postpone their first three events of 2020 to later in the fall. There are some twenty-four events on their schedule throughout the country for the summer and fall, and they may be forced to move some of their warmer-climate events scheduled for the autumn into early winter.

“With so many events being cancelled,” says Sam Accardi, Founder of Bikes & Beers, “cycling charities aren’t having much revenue. All of our events throughout the year benefit a local cycling charity in the host breweries’ community. This is a way for us to continue to support those charities.”

In addition, Bikes & Beers is donating a portion of the proceeds from the Social Distancing Ride to COVID-19 relief.

“We realize how important it is to fight this pandemic together.”

And what better way to fight a pandemic than getting on your bike and getting in a ride in the quickly-warming fresh air?

“Exercise is very important for the immune system and for general well being,” Sam says. “If someone can get out on their bike for an hour a day to clear their head, it’s monumental. We recommend riding solo or with those you are living with, and keeping a far distance from other cyclists on trails, roads, etc.” 

So, they’ve organized a ride that anyone can do, anywhere: alone or with friends, out in the fresh air or in the safety of your own home. 

Beginning April 5th, track your mileage day-to-day through June 7th — riders can sign up anytime in that eight-week period and still be eligible for prizes. At the end of the event, riders will submit their total mileage to Bikes & Beers to earn prizes like a $1000 Bianchi bike, a bike rack from Hollywood Racks, a Burley bike trailer, helmets, a year’s supply of cheese (?!?), a $200 Primal gift card, and more!

Remember to ride in small groups — fewer than five people — and keep your six-foot distance from each other. 

Your registration fee includes a Rider Appreciation Box with a limited edition Social Distancing Ride t-shirt, a Bikes & Beers 24-ounce cycling water bottle, and various other items, including two beer tokens to be redeemed at over 150 partner breweries throughout the country, including Cape May Brewing Company.

“Breweries across the country have been forced to close tasting rooms,” Sam says. “Our goal is that when the tasting rooms re-open, we get our riders back into the breweries and hopefully bringing friends and family with them. We recognize how important craft breweries are for our country and want to see continued success for all of them.”

A Cape May County native, Sam has been trying to schedule a physical ride with Cape May Brewing Company for some time; however, scheduling matters have prevented us from putting something together. The Social Distancing Ride has been the perfect opportunity for us to join forces.

“I consider Cape May Brewing Company to be my ‘home brewery’,” he says. “I’m also well aware of the strong cycling community in Cape May County and wanted to make sure those cyclists had a great brewery to redeem their beer tokens once the Tasting Room reopens!”

Registration for this event is $49, and you can register here. Use the promo code “CAPEMAY” at checkout for $5 off your registration fee!

Have fun with this one, folks, and be sure to tell us all about it when we reopen after this crisis!