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Beer Run

The Boston Marathon is the biggest running-related story this week (have you seen the video of bombing survivor Rebekah Gregory crossing the finish line yet? What a tear jerker), but when you’ve finished bingeing on that coverage, check out Cape May’s own rad running moment of the week: A successful 5k at our place.

Steven Haggart, Danni Hegler
Steven Haggart, Danni Hegler

On Sunday morning, about 355 participants braved the wind – think 17-mile-an-hour gusts – for a race that began and ended at the brewery. Director Ken Culbertson of Good Day for a Run told us that he gets a high demand for events “just like this” (ie, events with access to alcohol), and so he simply gave the  lushes athletes what they want.

People showed up from as far as Manhattan, Philadelphia and Maryland, and one guy came all the way from England just for the this! (Okay, Steven Haggart actually left the UK a year ago to live in LBI, so technically he

Kelli McGugan, Erinn Westerfer
Kelli McGugan, Erinn Westerfer

came all the way from central Jersey, but it’s our blog and we’ll say what we want.)

It’s a funny thing – both the running and craft beer worlds are experiencing a massive boom, and yet both remain close-knit, supportive communities. Communities with an overlapping demographic.

“Why would you do a 5k without beer?” said Brian Gilan of we-forgot-to-ask-where. “Running is the risk; beer is the reward.”

And then there was Erinn Westerfer of Philadelphia, who said: “My mom just texted me to say the only reason I run fast is because of beer at the finish line.”

Or Monica and Domenick Versaggi, also of Philadelphia, who said, “The beer is what we run for, and we miss Cape May’s when we’re not here.”

Carl and Peach
Carl and Peach

Of course, others are in it for the friendly competition – like our own Facility Technician, Carl Hudson, who placed second in his age group.

Carl’s SO Peach (no last name, like Madonna) told us that she’d been planning on making him a shirt to race in with “I’ll get up when I’m ready” printed on the back, in case he crashed and burned, but that Carl didn’t need it because he’s been faithfully training with his coach, an English Springer Spaniel named Beatrice. Also, he had a goal in mind: beating CMB sales rep Justin Vitti, which he was able to do.

Justin’s response: “Carl ran a good race and it shows that he has a lot of experience. Proof of his experience? I

Steve Wilson
Steve Wilson

saw the quote that Jesus wrote in their yearbook about some track meet they ran in their new Air Sandals circa 16 AD or something… I will let him have his moment as he probably doesn’t have many of them left.”

Justin Vitti
Justin Vitti

Yet another of CMB’s employees in the race this day? Taproom Associate Steve Wilson.

“Beer goes with running because beer goes with everything,” he said. “Except driving. And flying. And pregnancy.”

Which we think someone should print on a tee-shirt.

Until next time, CMB fans… happy running!