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“Despite the weather and changes, we had a great group of volunteers and successfully prevented 235 pounds of trash from entering the ocean!”

Twin Fin “Beach” Cleanup

Sometimes, it rains on your parade.

Such is the nature of parades, being outside and all. Unfortunately for parades, they’re large and require a street with spectators, otherwise it’s just a bunch of marching bands, floats, and beloved character balloons creating a cacophony in some school gym somewhere.

Sometimes, it rains on your beach cleanup.

Such is the nature of beach cleanups, being outside and all. Fortunately, if you’ve got a small group of committed citizens, you can make a beach cleanup happen anywhere — beach not included.

IMG_3025_1That’s what happened on Saturday for our Higbee Beach Cleanup with Surfrider Foundation South Jersey and Iron Hill.

The weather wasn’t awful; however, a bunch of people on Higbee Beach with large plastic bags in howling winds could potentially cause more harm than good. So, the good people at Surfrider Foundation South Jersey had another idea: clean up Cape May Airport.

It totally needed it. A cursory glance through the airport on Friday — throughout the trees and wooded areas as well as the more inhabited areas — told our team that it was a good idea. On a drive through the airport, it was painfully obvious that the airport needed a good, deep clean.

We pushed back the meeting time on Saturday to let the worst of the weather pass, then put on our protective gloves, grabbed our grabby-grabbers (that’s their technical name), and unleashed our carefully-curated fury unto the Cape May Airport.

All told, our 44 thoughtful, committed citizens collected an astounding 235 pounds of trash in 90 minutes, including:

  • 604 cigarette butts
  • over 800 plastic fragments
  • nearly 1000 pieces of styrofoam
  • over 200 pieces of glass
  • 111 plastic bottles
  • 92 aluminum cans
  • 89 plastic shopping bags
  • 58 plastic bottle caps
  • 35 plastic straws
  • 21 glass bottles
  • 12 pieces of rope
  • 3 balloons
  • a random tire
  • a muffler
  • a buoy
  • dude, a freakin’ buoy
  • we’re a good five miles from anywhere a buoy should be.
  • what’s a buoy doing at an airport?

IMG_0053_1“We are very pleased with how it turned out,” said Beth Kwart, Chair of Surfrider Foundation South Jersey. “Despite the weather and changes, we had a great group of volunteers and successfully prevented 235 pounds of trash from entering the ocean!”

Then, the assembled masses retired to the Tasting Room to sample some much-needed Twin Fin.

“We made some new friends,” Beth said, “and we hope to see more people get involved with our Chapter as a result of the cleanup and after party.”

We sold quite a bit of Twin Fin, our kettle-soured, sessionable, New England IPA over the weekend, raising a good amount of money for Surfrider in the process.

We’re certainly glad our new friends at Iron Hill in Voorhees approached us about this potential collaboration, and we’re thrilled that the good folks at Surfrider South Jersey have been so welcoming and generous with their time and energy. Furthermore, it was unbelievably gratifying to see so many people from the community coming out to help us clean up our home at the Cape May Airport.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

And we’re honored to brew a beer for them.

Twin Fin is available in our Tasting Room and at Iron Hill in Voorhees. Check it out!