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“This makes a dessert beer. Huge rum barrel overtones with coconut, vanilla and a tiny bit of cinnamon. A real sipper.”

Barrel-aged Perfection: Coquito

Coquito, a favorite holiday limited release, is back this week, exclusively in our Cape May Tasting Room!

It looks a bit different this year—extra points to anyone who remembers a barrel-aged release that had a similar look in the past. Check out what folks had to say about this release on Untappd:

“This is delicious! I can smell & taste the rum barrel aging. Smooth & boozy at the same time.”Mark O.

“Very nice Egg-Noggy taste.”Dale R.

“This was tasty.”Julia W.

“Holy smokes….”Tim D.

“Wow, was not expecting to like this as much as I do!”Peter T.

“A mix of flavors that work pretty well.”Nick F.

“Different. Could be dangerous.”Ed R.

“Very unique taste. Very good. Strong coconut taste.”Matt K.

“Creamy with a hint of dat rum and coconut.”Chuck K.

“Nice mix of cinnamon and rum.”John M.

“Boozy and a great aroma.”Dan E.

“Sickest Cape May…”Giants Fan

(Ed. note: They gave Coquito a 5/5, so we’ll take this as a compliment!)

“I really liked this one.”Jon T.

“Boozyyyy.”Charles V.

“The best rum barrel aged I’ve had.”Matt M.

“Not as boozy as you’d think. Masked by perfectly balanced spices and sweetness.”John C.

“Tasty 😋, deceptively potent.”Brian B.

“Festive!”Fred C.

“Rummy cinnamony refreshing.”Johnny 5.

“It’s got some strength. 💪”Sachi C.

“Strong, imperial cream ale conditioned and aged in rum barrels with coconut, cinnamon, and clove.”Anthony G.

“Delicious . . . love this brew, reminiscent of coquito but has a ‘gingerbread tinge in the winter ale’ that makes you feel like you have a cookie treat all in one can. Nice job Cape May! Salut! 🍻🍻”Johnny 5.

(Ed. note: Johnny, will you be grabbing this one again this year?)

“This barrel-aged rum ale does not mislead- it has strong rum flavor right off the punch, and finishes with a bit of spice from the cinnamon. Drinks more like a run than a beer, this is certainly a drink to sip and enjoy after dinner.”Bruce K.

“The perfect holiday beer dang.”Danielle N.

“Very unique: very strong rum flavor in the beginning and then finishes with banana and coconut. Strong but good.”Jess K.

“This makes a dessert beer. Huge rum barrel overtones with coconut, vanilla and a tiny bit of cinnamon. A real sipper.”David W.

“Really good cream ale!”Hector O.

“I love this beer!!!!”Jeff P.

“This is special and wonderful.”Tom W.

“My favorite beer from Cape May…which was a difficult decision to make.”Ziggy Z.

“Rum and coconut forward ale. Smooth, lightly spiced, and boozy.”Adam J.

You can grab cans of this year’s batch (which comes in at 10%) starting today, Friday November 11th. It will only be available at the Tasting Room for a limited time, so if you want to snag it, you’ll need to make a trip to the brewery!