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And presents are always nice.

Bae + Beers

Some people love Valentine’s Day and start planning it sometime in the previous year. They go crazy buying chocolates and roses and frilly, pink things with lace and flowers and cupids and hearts.

Some people hate Valentine’s Day and don’t want anything to do with it. They sit at home, eating chips and yelling at the cat.

Nonetheless, both of those people love beer. So, on February 10th, we’ll celebrate both of those people with Bae + Beers!

“Everyone loves love,” says Chief Celebrations Officer Randi Friel. “And Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to show the ones you love how much they mean to you. Not only your significant other but your friends and family, too.

“And presents are always nice.”

Well, Randi, we won’t be getting you any presents, but we will have all kinds of fun and games.

Sweets for the sweet? Got ‘em!

IMG_2553Special Valentine’s-inspired glassware? You know it!

One-off? Well.. we wouldn’t be CMBC without One-Offs!

At Bae + Beer, we’ll have a special Rose and Hibiscus R.A.D. #005 — our Pale Lager. Flavors reminiscent of strawberries and green apples from the rose and a cranberry-like flavor with citrus overtones from the hibiscus, this premium craft lager with German Pilsner and Melanoidin Malts has only the slightest touch of noble Saaz hops, resulting in a soft and clean brew with a barely-perceptible bitterness.

We’ll have a featured Lovers Flight: Rose and Hibiscus R.A.D. #005, Honey Porter, Biscuits & Honey, and Apple Bomb. Delicious!

No Bae? You might meet one! Like mom’s been saying since you were 15: “Go. You might meet someone.”

Valentine’s Day parties aren’t just for those in love, but those looking for love, too. And a brewery Valentine’s Day party is definitely more appetizing to singles than it is a romantic night on the town for couples.

So, swing down on Saturday, February 10th for the fun and games. Who knows? You might find the love of your life.