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Nom Nom

Apple Pie Reviews

Each year, on Thanksgiving Eve, the boys in the brewhouse would concoct the most-anticipated Wednesday One-Off of the year: Apple Pie. Essentially our fan-favorite Apple Bomb infused with nutmeg, allspice, ginger, and cinnamon, the single keg of this brew would kick nearly immediately, leaving latecomers clamoring for a taste.

Last year, the dictum came down from on high — or, more accurately, from Hank — that we should do a full batch of Apple Pie.

And there was joy in Cape May.

Now, there’d be thirty full barrels of apple pie goodness to sip from the Tasting Room, from late October through the crisp, fall months.

Many of you had good things to say. And those who didn’t are clearly un-American, for what could be more American than good, old Cape May Apple Pie?

We’ve compiled some of the wonderful things people have been saying on Untappd. Check them out!

Cape May Apple Pie

“Wow. Interesting beer. Like a hot apple cider with cinnamon, but it’s beer.” — Mike W.

“Beerish but little bit of apple pie-ness. I’m a fan!” — Chris W.

“Apple, cinnamon and vanilla over a clean wheat frame. Dangerous at 8%.” — David W.

“Fruity apple notes in this creeper beer. Very dangerous as the ABV can sneak up on you if you pound their sweet goodness.” — Willy S.

“Almost like I raided the benton cider press at the Bloomsburg fair!!!!!” — Clayton H.

“Sweet and not too tart. Reminiscent of a cider but still leans more towards beer.” — Chrissie M.

“Love it!!!” — Kevin

“Like warrrrm apple pie… excellent!” — Jeff D. (Not Stiffler.)

“Nom Nom” — Jay P.

“Apple pies apple pies!!!! Nice refreshing brew I could handle year round!” — Shank G.

“Tastes exactly like apple pie.” — Kim S.

“Cape May Apple Pie beer… tastes like apple pie and beer, which is a great combination!” — Matt H.

“They pretty much nailed the apple pie taste.” — Skvir

“It is what it says… apple pie.” — Kris A.

“WTF it’s 8% sweet apple cinnamon finish f*cking amazing!” — Scotty D.

“This is phenomenal.” — Nick S.