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We highly recommend drinking Ties the Room Together while you watch (or rewatch!) The Big Lebowski for a ~heightened~ experience.

An Extra Special Bitter and a White Cream Stout

You didn’t think we were done with the fall goodness yet, did you??

This week, we’re bringing back TWO favorites: Biscuits and Honey and Ties the Room Together! One is an “Extra Special Bitter” that really just tastes like honey and biscuit goodness (hence the name) and the other is a White Stout that goes down oh-so-smooth.

Biscuits and Honey has long been a production favorite, and those folks sure know how to make, package, and judge good beer! 

Biscuits and Honey is our ultratraditional and true-to-style ESB. Floor-malted Maris Otter lays the foundation for this staff-favorite brew, with a hefty late boil charge of South Jersey honey to layer a hint of sweetness and complement the Biscuit and Honey malts. East Kent Golding hops are liberally applied throughout the boil, yielding a nuanced bitterness that pairs well with this beautifully copper-colored beer.   

Ties the Room Together – our one-off brew that was SO good, we just had to bring it back! (And back, and back again!)

If Gary the bartender had accidentally mixed The Dude’s Caucasian with his oat sodas, this would be the result: a White Russian-inspired cream ale with coffee beans, cocoa nibs, lactose, and vanilla. Like The Dude, Ties the Room Together abides, but that’s just, like, our opinion, man.

We highly recommend drinking this while you watch (or rewatch!) The Big Lebowski for a ~heightened~ experience.

Both of these brews are available today, Friday, November 5th, at the Cape May Tasting Room. Biscuits and Honey is exclusive to the Tasting Room this year, but you’ll be able to find Ties the Room Together throughout New Jersey, Delaware, and eastern Pennsylvania starting Monday, November 8th!

If you want to snag them early, you can order Biscuits and Honey online here, and Ties the Room Together here for pickup at the Tasting Room!