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A New Home For Our Grain

Those crafty ancient Greeks. They invented spiral staircases, lighthouses, even indoor plumbing. We assume CMB sales rep Justin Vitti pays silent homage for the latter every time he hits play on an Enya CD and sinks into his nightly bubble bath. But never mind all that.

Today, we’re especially thankful to the Greeks for their other invention — the grain silo.

That’s because – drum roll, please — we’re about to get one of our own. The sexy cylinder will be coming from Lancaster in approximately a month, and she’ll stand right outside of our headquarters. Thirty feet tall and 12 feet wide, she’ll need to be assembled onsite and, thanks to Cape Concrete Designs, we’ve already had her pad laid out.

Capacity is 120,000 pounds, so every silo fill will last us approximately one month, drastically cutting down on deliveries. Currently, we receive shipments of 55-pound grain bags, 40 to a skid. But now, 60 tons of the good stuff will come at once in a special truck complete with a mechanism for blowing said cargo into place.

From here, the grain will be sucked through an auger pipe via rotating coils into our mill for grinding. The resulting product, a rough flour called grist, will then makes its way into the grist case until the time comes for mashing in and making tasty beer.

When the silo arrives, we’ll keep you updated with photos, including one of the windsock our resident pilot/President Ryan Krill intends to pop on top. Opa!

Silo spot... pre-concrete
Silo spot… pre-concrete