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We’re thoroughly excited about 2020, and we hope you are, too!

2020 Release Calendar

As we barrel into 2020, we’re looking forward to a great year. 2019 was an awesome time, and we’re planning to have an even better year in 2020.

We’re proud to publicize our production schedule for 2020. Each year, we plan for the next; however, for the first time, we’ve got a lovely graphic to keep us on track. 

You might say that Cape May Brewing Company is a seasonal brewery. We’re strong throughout the year, but things really explode in the summer: production skyrockets, visitorship in the Tasting Room is through the roof, and we’re all working our hardest to ensure that our beer is at every bar, every wedding, every barbecue, and every event throughout New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. 

Next year’s release schedule is designed to maximize upon that fact. As such, there will be some changes to what we’ve done in the past. We’re excited about some of the additions; we’ll miss some of the ones we’re retiring, but this is all being done to ensure that we’re at our best when it counts the most.

It should be noted that this is subject to change — we’re definitely going to do our best to keep to this schedule, but we are at the mercy of can suppliers and governmental agencies and little microorganisms that are really the ones who decide when we can release a certain beer.

Check out the changes below!

Tan Limes

We had an unbelievable hit with Tan Limes this year. Conceived as a simple, drinkable lager with lime juice and sea salt, when we first released it as a draft-only release in April, the response was overwhelming. We were flooded with requests to see this refreshing, approachable brew in a can, so we put another brew on the schedule and scheduled a Tasting Room-only release, and people went crazy for it.

Since it was such a success, we’re bumping it up to be a core summer brand, scheduled for a full can and draft release in March, expected to last throughout the summer months. 

Cape May Lager

While many people love Cape May Lager, we’ve decided to discontinue this brand in 2020. Straightforward, unadorned, traditional lagers had a rough year in 2019, but our success with Tan Limes is telling us that there’s still a desire for those crisp, refreshing offerings. However, it doesn’t make sense for us to have two beers that fit that description on the market year-round, and we have high hopes for Tan Limes. So, in order to focus on what our consumers want, we’re saying goodbye to Cape May Lager to make more room in production (and on shelves) for Tan Limes.

Devil’s Reach

We’re making a small change to the way we approach Devil’s Reach. Our Belgian Strong Ale has long been one of the mainstays of our core lineup — in fact, it was the first beer we ever bottled. Traditionally, however, sales of packaged Devil’s Reach have dropped over the summer in favor of some of our lighter beers. So, we’ll be taking a step back with Devil’s Reach, as well. We’ll continue to brew Devil’s Reach throughout the year; however, we’ll only be canning it September through March — essentially on the opposite schedule of Tan Limes — allowing us to focus on what our consumers have told us they want. Devil’s Reach still performs very well in the colder months, so disappointed fans will still have their chance to stock up. And, as it will be available on draft throughout the year, our accounts who have Devil’s Reach as one of their year-round draft offerings will still be able to give their customers what they expect.

Cape May White

Great Wit Shark had a strong showing on draft this year and will be reborn as Cape May White: a year-round, canned, core offering. We wanted an approachable, easy-drinking Belgian Wit: something that’s going to appeal to the craft beer drinker who prefers the fruity esters and gently spiced brews over something tremendously hoppy or malty and who doesn’t want to overdo it on the ABV. 

Crushin’ It

It’s a well-worn pun, but Crushin’ It totally crushed it this year. Totally and completely crushed it. So, it’s a no-brainer to scale this one up for a full, 12-ounce, canned summer release. Along with The Grove, Crushin’ It — the orange version — will follow closely on the heels of The Bog, releasing in spring 2020.

The Grove

People love our fruit beers, particularly our summer fruit beers, so it makes sense for us to focus on them for the summer. This year, The Grove was a huge success, and we expect good things from this brand. We’ll be scaling it up to a summer seasonal, distributed on draft and in 12-ounce cans, releasing sometime in early May. 

Summer Catch

We’re retiring Summer Catch in 2020. With Cape May White on the market year-round and the strong summer brews we have in Tan Limes, The Bog, Crushin’ It, and The Grove, unfortunately, Summer Catch doesn’t have a place in the lineup this year. It’s always done well for us over the summer, but we’re confident that those fans who’ve built up a loyal following for this beer over the past three years will have no problem picking up a Cape May White and never putting it back down.

King Porter Stomp

King Porter Stomp has had a great run. We’ve brewed it every autumn as part of our sponsorship of the Exit Zero Jazz Festival, and it’s been a huge hit each year. However, as the lineup for Jazz Fest changes each year, we’re ready to change with it. We haven’t yet made any decisions about what will be taking its place — we have plenty of time to figure that out — but keep your eye on our social media and blog to see what’s coming next.

Mop Water

Earlier this year, we announced that Mop Water wasn’t coming back in 2020. The response was swift and overwhelmingly negative, particularly from our local fans. So, we listened and are responding. With a focus on what our fans want, we’ll be bringing back Mop Water for 2020. This fan-favorite will be available on draft and in 12-ounce cans throughout our distribution area.

We’re thoroughly excited about 2020, and we hope you are, too! Check out the full schedule below!


  1. Neil Scanlon

    Hoping you will consider brewing something gluten-free for those of us who once enjoyed these brews and visits to the tasting room but have since been diagnosed with celiac.

    1. Cape May Brewing Company

      Sorry to hear that, man! Unfortunately, we have no plans at this time to add gluten-free beer to our lineup. In a facility such as ours, with tons of grain going through it all the time, unfortunately, we don’t have a way to guarantee that no gluten gets incorporated into the final product. As we expand, we do keep thoughts such as these in mind. Cheers!

  2. Apple Bomb? It’s my son-in-law’s fave… I like it, too. Was bummed it was sold out for his Christmas gift.

    1. Cape May Brewing Company

      Apple Bomb did really well as a Tasting Room-only release earlier this year; this is our distribution calendar. Our Tasting Room-only releases are still up in the air, but nothing is off the table!

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