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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company

Visiting the Brewery

There have been a number of changes at Cape May Brewing Company, from COVID-19 adaptations to opening new spaces and creating new experiences. Here is the latest information based on current New Jersey State guidelines!

We want our visitors to have all of the information they need in one place, so we’ve compiled it below. If you have any unanswered questions, please see our FAQ page.

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"Ian is a force of nature . . . he's tenacious, steadfast, and reliable."

Meet Ian!

As we catch up with Ian, he’s just coming off his packaging shift. The team has just finished fixing our new boxing machine, which involved Mark Graves running out to grab a 100-ft ethernet cable so that the maintenance crew could remotely assess it and get everything fixed up!  

“Ian is a force of nature,” Packaging Supervisor Paul Greer shares. “Not destructive, like a hurricane, but tenacious, steadfast and reliable. He harnesses an incredible amount of power while remaining very cool, calm, and collected. He’s working his ass off, working and going to school—I don’t know how he does it. He has really done well so far. His capacity for doing work you ask him to do and finding what needs to be done without being asked is commendable.”

Paul shared an example with us: “The other day, I had a really tough time with a new piece of equipment we put in. James and I were running around trying to get answers. Ian goes over to the cabinet with all the electrical and there in the bottom were some electrical schematics. He takes it out and starts reading it. He says, ‘This is where the connection needs to be.’”

Paul shakes his head. “Not only was that way cool, but I couldn’t decipher those. Ian said, ‘Oh, a summer or two ago I installed fireplaces for a guy, and all the ignitions were solid state. If you couldn’t read an electrical diagram, your job was harder. So I just kind of picked it up.’”

“Ian’s just that kind of guy,” Paul shares. “He’s also got great leadership skills—he’s someone who’s easy to follow. Eisenhower said great leaders get others to do what they want them to do, because they want to do it, and Ian commands a great deal of respect on the team.” 

If you thought that was cool, just wait until you read more. 

Meet Ian!

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“In my eyes, this collaboration is a symbol of trust and commitment, and I'm thrilled at the opportunity to introduce the Garden State to a delicious style of beer.”

Cut From the Same Cloth: A CMBC x Workhorse Collaboration

Sometimes…something beautiful happens in this world…and this week, it’s the release of our awesome collaboration with Workhorse Brewing Company

Cut From the Same Cloth was born from the idea to take styles that we both love to create and try something new. 

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When the cold creeps in, beer is always there!

Five Brews to Enjoy When It’s Cold Out

The cold weather and winter storms just keep rolling through, so we’re always looking for brews to help us get through the snow, rain, and frigid temps. Here’s five brews we love to reach for in the winter!

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“I’ve done some things like it in the past and in homebrewing, and I’ve always loved the concept of combining cinnamon and chilies."

Mexican Coffee Stout Returns!

Mexican Coffee Stout is our very first Tasting Room-only can release of 2022! We’re starting out strong with a brew that’s got a special history here at Cape May Brewing Company. Check it out:

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Up your sticker game

National Sticker Day: Stick It!

Did you know that January 13th is National Sticker Day?! When the Brew Crew travels, they love to spread the word of Cape May Brewing Co. by leaving stickers on sticker posts or walls, especially at other breweries!

Sometimes, they even encounter a CMBC sticker that’s already there! In honor of National Sticker Day, here’s some fun pictures:

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You know what goes great with snow? Beer.

Snow Day Fun Day

On Monday, those of us in South Jersey were greeted with a special new year’s gift: Snow! Lots of it. Really, the most snow a lot of us have seen in years.

While it was a bit sketchy getting out and about early this week, we had some fun with brews in the snow for our snow day!

Here’s some pics from the Brew Crew:

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We had a lot to be thankful for this year! Check out what we were most excited about.

Nice Knowing You, 2021!

Despite the craziness that the pandemic continues to bring on our team and our community, we had a lot to be thankful for this past year! Here’s what we were stoked about:

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“An instant boozy hit, super-hoppy tropical and citrus fruit flavours with marked piney bitterness to finish."

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Ready for our first release of the new year? 

Ok, so technically you can SNAG this one a day early from the Cape May Tasting Room, making it our last can release of the year, but it’s almost January, and January means Snag & Drop season!

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“They’re wonderful people, and we’ve wanted to make a beer together for quite some time. This year was the perfect time for us to create something special and have fun making beer together.”

Fudge Yes…Chocolate Fudge Stout is Here! (12/20 Update: CANS SOLD OUT!)

This week, we have two vastly different styles for you to enjoy. If you’re looking for something on the lighter side, New Year’s Resolution is our 4.2% Pilsner, which we’re always excited to release to help mark the end of another great year. In the other corner is the much-anticipated collab with The Original Fudge Kitchen, and the very last brew in our On the Way to Cape May series: Chocolate Fudge Stout! (If you haven’t snagged cans yet, we still have it on draft this week for a limited time!)

Read on for more info on this special one-time brew, and to see pictures of our crew and the Fudge crew in the brewhouse!

You can grab both New Year’s Resolution and On the Way to Cape May No. 010: Chocolate Fudge Stout starting today, Friday, December 17th, in the Cape May Tasting Room!

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“We probably went through about 9 revisions to make sure that this fit, and had everything that we needed."

Upgrades, people, upgrades!

The past two years have brought a lot of changes to our production team, but this year has been particularly expansive, with our near Cellar 4 coming together this past spring, and now, a new and improved canning line!

We went out to the floor with Procurement Manager Mark Graves to see this new beast in person.

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