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“That's why Summer Catch is the ideal surfing beer, the fruity esters and slightly spicy phenolics are in perfect harmony with the citrusy hops, with a crisp refreshing feel that is great after a few hours of bobbing around in the salty seawater.” - Jimmy

Catch This!

Summer beers are a tricky thing. You want something that has some flavor, but something that isn’t going to be so filling that it’s going to weigh you down. Everyone needs to be able to execute the perfect swan dive at the pool over the summer. Concrete Ship — while a great beer — isn’t exactly going to do that for you.

You also want something that you can day-drink on a lazy summer day, so you don’t want something with a huge ABV. Again, Concrete Ship — probably not your best choice. It’s 9.5% ABV. If you try to day-drink with that beast, you’ll end up passed out by noon. (NB: THIS IS NOT A CHALLENGE.)

When it comes to summer beers, you want something light and refreshing. You want something thirst-quenching and crushable. You want something that’s not going to weigh you down and you want something that’s not going to kill you on alcohol.

And, preferably, you want it in a bottle.

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“For the first time in over five years, my family will be together,” he says. “Now, we’ll have a normal family life where I work during the day and I come home and spend the evenings and weekends with my family. I’m really looking forward to that.”

Welcome John!

If you’ve ever spent a day behind the scenes at CMBC, you’d probably be surprised at how fast-paced life at a brewery really is. It may seem that all we do is sit around and drink beer all day, but, in complete honesty, nothing could be further from the truth. Between the “where-are-we-on-that-thing-I-asked-for”s and the “we-need-this-done-yesterday”s, things can get pretty hectic.

Nonetheless, Ryan and Hank and Mop Man put a high priority on work/life balance.

“It speaks to our core values,” Ryan tells us. “We can’t Be a Good Neighbor or Foster Creativity or even Have Fun if we’re in the office 24/7. You have to be able to get out there and enjoy the world — especially in our industry. Beer is about bringing people together, and we can’t make a good product if our people are stuck behind a computer screen all the time.”

And it’s true. Our guys are the first to tell you to slow down and drink a beer. (After work, of course.)

That’s what drew John Appel to the company. Our new COO has spent much of his life in the high-stress, hypersonic world of venture capital and mergers and acquisitions and began to recognize that a rich life outside of the office makes for a more fulfilling existence.

“It was really important to me that Ryan and Hank not only value work/life balance, but take it seriously,” John says. “They’ve created a work environment that’s fast-paced and exciting, and also sustainable. People are not working at a burnout pace here.”

That was something John and his wife, Sangeeta, were seeking for their youngest son, Arjun. And they’ve found it at CMBC.

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“Pour it into a glass. You won’t know the difference.”

Yes, We Can!

“This is entirely about our fans,” Hank says. “We’re giving them what they want. That’s what we’re all about, right? If people weren’t asking for it, we wouldn’t be doing it.”

You’ve been asking if we can, so now we can. Or we will can. Or some other mangling of the English language involving homophones and verb tenses.

The point is, now we’re canning IPA and Coastal Evacuation!

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“How could we not support something like this?” Ryan says.

Cape to Cape!

If someone said to you, “Hey, I need to get from Lewes, Delaware, to Cape May, New Jersey. How would you suggest going about this herculean feat?” Odds are, your answer would be something along the lines of, “Why, take the Cape May-Lewes ferry!”

The Cape May-Lewes Ferry is the most direct and time-sensitive manner to cross the Delaware Bay. In all likelihood, your response in the little thought-play we made up in the last paragraph wouldn’t be “grab your canoe and start a-paddlin’.”

Nonetheless, that’s what some 35 people are going to do on Sunday, June 25th. They’re going to grab their outrigger canoes, stand-up paddleboards, and surf skis and start a-paddlin’. And Cape May Brew Co. will be there to cheer them along as the event’s official beer provider.

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"Dat's my cigah..." -- Zack, quoting Newsies

Pies! Beers! Fun!

We know a few things at CMBC. Courtney knows all of the 90s Boy Bands. Mark knows how to do a devastating cannonball. Zack knows all of the lines to the 1992 Disney flop, Newsies. Jimmy and Brian know how to brew some killer beers.

But we all know how to have fun. Thank goodness it’s enshrined in our Core Values at #7.

Last weekend, we closed out Philly Beer Week with a killer event at Heritage in Northern Liberties — our annual Baker’s Dozen.

Pie-eating contests.

Pie-themed one-offs.

The freakin’ Hammer of Glory.

We had a blast — as well as some great brews — and some Phish and Grateful Dead tunes from Four Lean Hounds.

Did you miss it? Check out the pictures below!

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"The passion is incredible and the company has been a wonderful addition to the New Jersey beer scene." -- Gary Monterosso

What’s on Tap — Century Edition!

Gary Monterosso and What’s on Tap have been a blessing for New Jersey’s breweries. If you’re not familiar, Gary’s been showcasing the great beer from New Jersey for SNJToday for several years, and they’re poised to celebrate their 100th episode!

Gary wanted to have his best friends — and favorite beers — around to help celebrate, and no celebration is complete without CMBC! Ryan will be on the panel, as well as some Cape May IPA.

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“It’s probably not big enough.” -- Ryan

Do We Need Fertilizer for a Beer Garden?

Sometimes, you just need a bigger garden. More flowers to plant. More greens to grow. Parsley, peppers, cabbages and celery, asparagus and watercress and fiddleferns and lettuce.

And beer. You know, it’s practically a vegetable, right?

Well, at CMBC, we needed a bigger Beer Garden. And more restrooms.

So… we built some.

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The room was completely closed, she was alone, and the bathroom door slammed shut of its own volition.

The Queen Victoria’s® Brothel Madam

“Do you see her there?” she asks her oblivious husband.

He slowly shakes his head no.

“She’s right there,” she says, pointing to a chair by the window, indicating the elegant woman in her long, green dress, hair twisted into a lavish Victorian knot.

“Honey, there’s no one there,” he responds.

“She was here last night, too,” she says. “She never says a word, just sits there, calmly by the window. Looking.”

It’s bright and cheery, but not without the Victorian excess that befits its name. The Queen Victoria® — the crown jewel of Cape May’s bed and breakfasts — is home to its very own Brothel Madam, as well as Doug and Anne Marie McMain.

We sat down with Doug and Anne Marie, relaxing in the sitting room of the House of Royals — a former brothel and gaming parlor — while strains of Mozart and Wagner play in the background.

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“This isn’t recreated,” Denise says proudly. “This isn’t Disney World that went and had a remodel. This is the real deal,” she says, referring to everything around her. “That’s the original bar. Everything’s original.”

Spotlight On… Twisties!

If it’s good enough for Al Capone, it’s good enough for CMBC.

Twisties at 236 Bayview Drive in Strathmere has been overhanging the back bay since 1929. If you remember your US History, you may recall those Dark Ages called Prohibition — alcohol wasn’t even legal when they opened. Apparently, Harold Charleston didn’t really care and operated it as a speakeasy called “Dirty Gerties” until the 21st amendment passed in 1933. The sign out front says circa 1933 — gingerly sidestepping the issue.

“Started in 1933, but not officially licensed locally until 1940,” owner Denise Riordan says. “Because, again, Prohibition.”

It was a dark time.

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All of these and more are available in our online store, including some favorites with our OG logo. Get them while you still can!

Hook Dad up!

Mother’s Day gets all the love, and for good reason. Moms do EVERYTHING. That’s why she gets flowers and brunch and cards and jewelry.

But dad’s important, too. However, all dad really wants is to play some golf, grill up some meat, and drink some beer.

That’s a holiday we can totally get behind.

So, for pops, we’ve got the four pieces of new swag that he just can’t live without — order before June 12th to ensure shipping by Father’s Day.

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