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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company

Visiting the Brewery

There have been a number of changes at Cape May Brewing Company, from changes due to COVID-19 to opening new spaces and creating new experiences.

We want our visitors to have all of the information they need in one place, so we’ve compiled it below. If you have any unanswered questions, please see our FAQ page.

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"New Jersey has honestly been my favorite state to live in.”

Welcome Kevin!

While breweries are popping up everywhere around here, it’s uncommon to find applicants with brewery experience. Not so with Kevin Riley.

“Kevin came in for an interview right around when we opened the Brewtanical Garden,” says Tasting Room General Manager Chris Costello. “After sitting down for the interview, we knew that Kevin was the right fit for our team. He had brewery experience, which can be hard to come by, so Kevin brought a wealth of brewery knowledge to our team, having worked in several aspects of the brewing process, from cellaring right up to customer service. Kevin is always looking to help more where he can, with his next goal of getting forklift certified.”

Welcome Kevin!

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Hops Selection, COVID Edition

Each year, our crack team of hops selectors travels to the Yakima Valley out in the Pacific Northwest to select our hops for the upcoming year. You see, that’s where hops come from, so going to the source allows them to get the freshest selection.

And, let’s face it, a week in the Yakima Valley in September is a very welcome break from Cape May.

However, this year, COVID put a damper on those plans. We had to select our hops from afar. Instead of visiting our hops suppliers, our crack team of hops selectors submitted their selections in advance and did their rubbings and their smellings and their selectings in the breakroom at HQ.

“It definitely had a different feel this year,” says Production Planning and Special Projects Manager Brian Hink. “I like the immersion of being out there — out there for a very specific reason — and to catch up with our reps and socialize a bit, too, but the main reason being the hops. It’s all business when we’re there. At the brewery, there are obviously a lot of other things going on: the first one was a very focused selection, but the subsequent three all felt like we were just trying to fit them into our otherwise very full schedules. So, it was really nice being able to get back to work right away after the selection, but I did miss having our time specifically dedicated to just simply selecting hops.”

Check out the pics below!

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"This year, we’ve got a great weekend planned, with giveaways, music, and all kinds of spoooOOooOoky fun!”

Bootanial Garden


One of our favorite holidays at Cape May Brewing Company is right around the corner, and we’ve got a killer weekend planned this Halloween!

(Get it? “Killer”?!? Because… ghosts. And Halloween…. And they’re dead….)

The fun kicks off at noon on Friday, October 30th, in the BoooOOOoOootanical Garden and goes all weekend long!

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“I will most definitely drink one of these with breakfast.”

Cape May Coffee Stout

We’ve been brewing coffee stouts for years, practically since we opened our doors. In that time, we’ve learned a lot — about coffee and how to best present it in a beer.

So, the final culmination of all of those efforts come to fruition today: Cape May Coffee Stout releases in 12oz cans!

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Five-Bullet Fridays

If you subscribe to our weekly newsletter, The Growler, last week you got a peek into one of our internal emails when we accidentally sent it out to the entire world.

While you were certainly never meant to see it, judging from the many emails Ryan received in response, everyone thought it was pretty cool. 

So, this week, we decided to let you in on this tidbit of our company culture. 

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“No analysis required. Simply open… taste… smile… crush!”

Mango Hard Seltzer

You went ga-ga for grapefruit… a little wonky for watermelon….

Our line of hard seltzers have been a hit this summer, so we’ve extended the fun — and the line — into the fall with our Mango Hard Seltzer.

So now, you can go mad for mango!

Cans of Mango Hard Seltzer release today, only in the Brewtique!

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"Using locally-roasted coffee, Cape May Coffee Stout is the latest -- and best...."

Introducing Cape May Coffee Stout

We’ve been brewing coffee stouts almost as long as we’ve been brewing beer. They’ve gone by a few names over the years, but they’ve always been roasty, smooth, and incredibly delicious.

This winter, we’ve decided to can it up and bring it to the masses! Our  Cape May Coffee Stout will be distributed beginning October 26th!

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"I like that Ryan came in on our first day and said, ‘These are what my philosophies are, this is what my structure is.’ You kinda hear that and think, ‘Oh, okay,’ but you get here and you realize that he wasn’t joking. He’s created a culture here...."

Welcome Colin!

At Cape May Brewing Company, we love our Coasties — we brewed Always Ready for them, after all — and, for the most part, they love us back.

“We’d actually been waiting to interview Colin for a number of months, as he reached out to us when he was still stationed with the Coast Guard in Washington state,” says Tasting Room General Manager Chris Costello. “He was looking for a fun post-Coast Guard job and we had just that. When he finally made it back to Cape May last month, it was obvious that Colin had a natural fit with our team. He brings a professional but fun attitude to the job, and any task asked of Colin, I know I can trust to be handled correctly. Furthermore, I’m looking forward to all the Coastie friends coming in to visit Colin.”

Welcome Colin Smith!

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“It's silly drinkable despite being 10% ABV and hopped around 11 pounds-per-barrel.”

Double Dry-Hopped Snag & Drop

Double Dry-Hopped Snag & Drop is a beer many, many years in the making.

It’s one that we’ve had in the back of our heads for several years, and we were all set to release it during the summer of 2019. However, we found ourselves unable to squeeze it in. Then, it’s been on the schedule, then off the schedule, then moved around for one reason or another, usually to make room for our tried-and-true beer like Cape May IPA.

Nonetheless, Snag & Drop is one of those beers that is practically begging to be double dry-hopped. It’s a lupulin-laden beast. Dank and resinous with hints of pine and orange citrus in the background, Snag & Drop is packed to the gills with some of our stickiest and most pungent hops.

When you’ve got a beer that hits all of those notes — dank and fruity in one impossible beer — you’ll want to hit it with something on the double dry-hop that’s going to bring out all of those contrasts. Something like Citra and Mosaic.

And so, the stars have aligned: we have the time in the schedule, we have the perfect hops, and we have an off-the-chain can design.

Finally, Double Dry-Hopped Snag & Drop releases this Friday, only in the Tasting Room and Brewtique!

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