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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company

New Merch!

If you’re anything like us, as you’ve been quarantined over the past few months, you’ve been doing a lot of online ordering.

Like… a lot.

But… you definitely needed that Nicolas Cage pillow you just picked up at Amazon. Everyone needs a little change of scene, and you’ve always been such a fan of Nic Cage’s work. It’s an investment, really.

Thankfully, we recently received a bunch of new merch at the Brewtique — none of which features the star of the National Treasure films.

New glassware! New t-shirts! New designs!

New merch! New you!

Check it out!

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So, grab a few cans of Always Ready, toast to the founder of the Coast Guard, and settle in for some Founding Father musical theatre magic!

Things to Do This Independence Day

Like a lot of things over the past three-and-half-months, Independence Day celebrations are going to look a little different this year.

Gone are the parades. Fireworks? Few and far between. You may feel brave enough to host or attend a socially-distanced barbecue, but anything that involves gathering with a lot of people and doing a thing is out the window.

Sounds like the perfect weekend to grab a beer!

We’ve got three ways for you to celebrate the Fourth of July at home with a cold Cape May brew.

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"It’s really a great place to spend a day.”

The Brewtanical Garden

Show of hands: Who remembers our Beer Garden back when it extended about five feet from the back of the building?

It was cute. It was intimate. It did the job back when we were a much smaller brewery. Believe it or not, that was only four short years ago. We’ve since expanded it three times, turning it into the gorgeous expanse of brick and wood that you see today.

Yet, it’s still pretty insular. You’re outside… but it still kinda feels like you’re inside. You’re open to the sky — and there certainly isn’t any air conditioning –, but it can feel like an extension of the Tasting Room. 

With the increased need for social distancing and outdoor seating, our fans deserve one more way to experience Cape May Brewing Company.

“They’ve always had the Tasting Room,” says Tasting Room General Manager Chris Costello, “we fixed up the Barrel Room and made it into a different experience. While we’re being a little hamstrung by COVID, we can’t really use those spaces, so our fans have had no choice but to sit in the Beer Garden.”

And we’re all about your right to choose at Cape May Brewing Company — after all, have you seen our tap list?!?

“Let’s give our fans a different experience,” he said.

So, we’ve changed gears a bit, bringing you an entirely new way to experience Cape May Brewing Company: The Brewtanical Garden.

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“I liked this a lot. Very smooth, but lots of flavor for a pale Lager.”

Cape May Lager Returns!

We released Cape May Lager back in February of 2019, a classic light lager: a true everyman beer.

Unfortunately, we stopped brewing it at the end of last year, making room in our schedule for brews like Cape May White and Tan Limes.

But there were more than a few people who weren’t happy with the news. Cape May Lager resonated with a lot of beer drinkers. They weren’t pleased to hear that we’d decided to discontinue brewing the beer.

And a few of them were amongst the Brew Crew.

“I love this beer,” says Innovation Director Brian Hink, “and was so sad to see it go when we made the tough call to discontinue Lager in favor of Tan Limes. After it went away, I really wanted to see it released again this summer as a Tasting Room-only offering. When some brewing space opened up and we had some lager yeast on hand, I slid it into the schedule to get it released as a Tasting Room-only brew. It took no convincing at all to get Chris on board because Lager was a huge hit with our dedicated Tasting Room following.”

So, it’s with those folks in mind  — and through Brian’s insistence — that we’re bringing it back this week, only in the Brewtique.

Read what Cape May Lager’s fans have to say!

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“Can confirm, this beer is fantastic!”

Honey Maibock

There’s good beer, and there’s ridiculously good beer.

Our Honey Maibock is one of those ridiculously good beers.

Rich and malty, Honey Maibock is a pale and classic lagerbier. With 13% of the fermentables provided by Jersey Fresh-certified honey from busy South Jersey bees, this otherwise big Bock is slightly dry with a clean finish, thanks to its many months spent lagering in stainless. Hopped with old-world Czech Saaz and new-world New Zealand Rakau, Honey Maibock has a delicate hop note that’s perfectly met by its distinctive malt profile.

Not only is it ridiculously good, but it’s also ridiculously, intensely German. German malts, German hops, German yeast… New Jersey honey.

And it’s now on tap now in our Beer Garden!

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"Luckily, we figured out an alternative way to reach out, engage, and have some fun.

Rosé du Gosé, Round Two

COVID has done many, many strange things to what we once considered “normal”. Aside from having to wear a mask everywhere you go, the day-to-day life in New Jersey has become like something from a Cormac McCarthy novel.

Take, for example, the simple act of collaborating on a beer. Normally done through a number of phone calls, face-to-face meetings, and the like, the best part of any collaboration is getting a chance to travel to another brewery to geek out over their equipment and hang in their tasting room and drink their beers.

<Insert record-scratch sound>

“Not this time!” says COVID.

So, when we decided to re-collaborate with our hella good friends at DC Brau for a re-brew of Rosé du Gosé, once COVID hit, we knew we were in for something… a little different.

But we wouldn’t let a little thing like a global pandemic daunt us. We would continue undaunted. 

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"There’s no wrong beer for a campfire...."

Campfire Beers

There’s something about enjoying a cold, frosty beer around a fire. Whether it’s keeping you warm around a campsite or it’s with friends around a bonfire, a summer fire makes beer taste all that much better.

This year, it might be a little more difficult to get together with friends and family around a traditional campfire, but, luckily, Environment New Jersey is hosting an event that reminds us that we can still connect with our natural world and each other.

Camping Together will take place at 8pm tonight through Zoom and Facebook Live. The evening will be kicked off around a virtual campfire with campfire songs, and participants will get access to exclusive Camping Together activity guides.

We asked the Brew Crew for their favorite beers to quaff whilst congregating around a campfire. Check ‘em out!

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"It’s the perfect beer for sitting outside and watching the sunset.” 

Sea Chest, Round Two

Back in January, we released a Tasting Room-only, New England IPA called Sea Chest.

“It became a quick fan-favorite as well as a staff favorite,” says Tasting Room General Manager Chris Costello. “We really wanted to take the opportunity to bring this back in the summer, especially considering the great reception it got from our Floral Fridays over the winter.”

And it was the perfect beer for those Floral Friday events — they were all about reminiscing about warmer days and summer fun –, and this beer fit right in. With a robust hop blend of Cashmere, Motueka, and Sultana — THFKAD (The Hop Formerly-Known as Denali) –, Sea Chest is definitely a summer IPA.

Fruity, juicy, and highly aromatic, the tropical notes in Sea Chest are perfect for the summer months.

“When I drink this I envision myself hanging out on the beach with friends,” said Lab Manager Lauren Appleman at the time. “This would have been the perfect beer to have outside in the Beer Garden last weekend when temperatures reached the mid-60s.”

It’ll be slightly warmer this weekend — temps in the low-80s with clear skies — a perfect weekend for joining us in our Beer Garden. Sea Chest re-releases on Friday, only in the Tasting Room!

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"It definitely seems like a party going on with all of these hops.”

Anniversary Ale 9

Nine years.

Nine years since we opened our doors back in 2011. 

It’s at once both easy to believe and impossible to believe. From our humble beginnings in that one, 1,500 square-foot unit to the 52,000 square feet we occupy now, in four buildings in Cape May and Egg Harbor Township, it sure has been one helluva ride.

And that ride definitely deserves a beer. 

So, we’ve brewed up the latest in our Anniversary Ale line: number 9, a 9.0% ABV double IPA crafted at nine pounds-per-barrel with an overabundance of wheat and an obscene amount of hops, Anniversary Ale 9 is juicy, tropical, and saturated with hops

Cheers to nine years!

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"I can't wait to drink an ice-cold pint of Crushin' It looking out at the Delaware Bay during an epic sunset."

Brew Crew Picks

For many of us throughout the Garden State, the day we’ve been waiting for came on Monday: bars and restaurants were allowed to reopen!

It was some extraordinarily welcome news throughout the state, as it’s one of the first, tentative signs that we’re returning to normal… whatever that may be. We reopened our Beer Garden in Cape May, and hundreds of our accounts throughout the state did the same.

Like you, the Brew Crew has been patiently waiting for our accounts to make a reappearance. We’ve all been waiting with bated breath for a chance to sit in the sun at our favorite tiki bar, whiling away the hours with a cold Crushin’ It in hand.

Here’s what our Brew Crew hopes to see on draft at their favorite spots this summer.

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