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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company
Are people interested in an imperial shandy? Is too much of a good thing too much? Are people going to get wasted on Thanksgiving and start telling off their entire family? Let’s find out!

Get Me Some of That Cranberry Good Good

Regardless of what they say, you can never have too much of a good thing. It’s a good thing. The more the better.

That’s why, when someone said, “Hey. You know what would be awesome? If we brewed The Bog but bumped up the ABV to, like, Imperial levels,” we all responded with, “Well, damn. Why didn’t we think of this sooner?”

Well, wait no more. A limited run of That Cranberry Good Good drops on Saturday.

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It’s an old family recipe and it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without it.

Thanksgiving Pairings

The summer has passed, and the harbingers of fall have arrived: the leaves are turning, the air has turned crisper, and infinity scarves, leggings, and Ugg boots are everywhere.

And, thankfully, Thanksgiving will be here soon. If you’re of the hosting variety, it’s time to start planning the meal. We know you’ve got the centerpiece covered — that turkey’s been brining for weeks — but what about your side dish game? Desserts? You got them covered?

If you’re still looking for the best side dishes sidedishdom has to offer or the best desserts in the world, we hit up the Brew Crew for their favorites and paired them with their favorite CMBC brews.

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You’ll be able to get The Bog at your local liquor store!

Cape Beverage

We work in a highly regulated industry. We’re the only industry that has, not one, but two Constitutional amendments — and amending the Constitution is hard. You need a two-thirds majority in Congress, and that never happens.

One of the peccadillos of this business is what we call the three-tier system: producers, distributors, and retailers. The lines between those tiers frequently get a little blurred and they vary from state to state. For example, we routinely sell our product from the Brewtique as a retail product, and we’ve been successfully self-distributing since we opened our doors.

The one thing all of the states agree upon — because of that pesky Commerce Clause in the Constitution, the federal government makes us agree — is that producers cannot cross state lines with their product. For that, we need a distributor — which is why we contract through Origlio Beverage in Pennsylvania. They come to Cape May with several empty trucks and fill them up to the brim.

If you’re familiar with The Bog — and, if you’re a fan of CMBC, you’re definitely familiar with The Bog — you’re probably aware of the trials and tribulations we’ve experienced in canning it. In order to really make it shelf-stable, it needs to be pasteurized, and that’s not something we can do in Cape May.

But. There are breweries out there that are able to pasteurize it. Unfortunately, none of them are in New Jersey.

So, we could brew The Bog here and install a gigantic pasteurizer that would take up half the brewery and have no room for anything else.

Or we can contract brew The Bog through someone with the ability to pasteurize, but we’d still have to pay a distributor to bring it back home.


We could simply open our own distributorship and do it ourselves.

So, that’s what we’re doing.

Enter Cape Beverage.

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“I’m crazy!”

Welcome Kylie!

If you’ve been to the brewery over the past few years, you may have noticed the awesome Taco Shop right next door. If you’ve ever stopped in there, you probably recognize our newest Brewtique Associate, Kylie Lapinski — she’s the manager there.

“Kylie has great experience in the world of retail and customer service,” says Tasting Room Manager Chris Costello, “as well as past managerial experience. Kylie goes out of her way to make sure our guests are happy. Her background really shines through.”

Welcome Kylie!

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I was literally dancing around the brewery when they arrived.

Holiday Shopping at CMBC

It’s the most wonderful time for a beer!

Okay. Just about any time is the most wonderful time for a beer. We know. Luckily, we’ll have our Boughs of Barley 2018 releasing just in time for the holidays!

It’s time to break out of your Halloween candy stupor and start thinking about what you’re going to buy for that beer lover on your list. And, since our new merchandise drops today, you’ll definitely want to check this out!

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Slowly all the vendors -- every single vendor -- lined up.

Friends Giving Collaboration

The best-kept secret around the brewery is that Chris Henke is one of the most generous individuals here. Hank’s our moral center. He’d give you the shirt off his back and then say, “Hey. Would you like a brewery, too?”

That’s why, when Double Nickel came up with the idea of a collaboration between four area breweries to raise money for needy families during the holidays, for Hank, “it was an easy yes.”

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King Porter Stomp is smooth jazz in a can.

Jazz It Up!

There are two weekends each year that we absolutely live for in Cape May — one in April and the other is this weekend.

It’s the Exit Zero Jazz Festival! Twice a year, the biggest names in jazz descend on Cape May for concerts at the Cape May Convention Center, at the Schmidtchen Theater at Lower Cape May Regional High School, and at multiple club venues throughout town, including the Cape May Brewing Company Stage at Cabanas.

We’ve got all the reasons you need to be there!

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“And, with the amount of work I put in throughout the holiday months, I definitely appreciate their beer.”

Feed the People!

Believe it or not, the holidays will be here before you know it. It seems like we were all at the beach a week ago, getting some sun and playing in the sand, but it’s actually November now.

How did that happen?!?

Regardless, as the weather turns colder and the seasonal employment dries up in Cape May County, we’re left with a lot of people in the county who aren’t sure where their next meal is coming from.

That’s where the Community Food Bank of New Jersey comes in. They work tirelessly to ensure that no one in our state goes without a nutritious meal, servicing nearly 15,000 households in South Jersey and allowing us to live out one of our most dearly-held Core Values: Be a Good Neighbor.

That’s why, beginning November 16th, we’ll be collecting shelf-stable, non-perishable items in our Brewtique.

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“I love the people,” she says. “Everyone behind the bar is great. Everybody here can talk to anybody.”

Welcome Kristen!

Kristen Taylor joined us in August after time spent in London, Brooklyn, and Cape May.

“Kristen was one of my first hires as the General Manager here, and I could not be happier with her joining the team,” says Tasting Room Manager Chris Costello. “She comes with a love for craft beer and a love for Cape May. She has been a great help in the Tasting Room and the Brewtique and is always looking at how she can help us succeed on a daily basis.”

Welcome Kristen!

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“Also, it’s just a sexy dish.”

King Porter Stomp Short Ribs

Our chocolate porter King Porter Stomp is one of those beers that seems to go well with just about everything. Whether a main course or dessert, the chocolate notes and roasty flavors in King Porter Stomp make it perfect for nearly every meal.

We charged our Head Chef JP Thomas with coming up with a recipe using King Porter Stomp, and he didn’t disappoint. These chocolate porter short ribs will hit the spot, with the subtle chocolate notes in King Porter Stomp bringing out a variety of flavors in the beef, chasing away the winter doldrums. Serve with your favorite mashed potato or risotto recipe for a meal everyone will love!

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