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#YOPO Goes Viral — Here’s (Some) Of What’s Being Said

The story of our #YOPO (You Only Pope Once) beer is spreading like gossip at a sorority party. Outlets from Philly to Chicago to Washington to Hawaii to New Zealand want a piece of this papal news, so we’ve curated a list of media soundbites for your reading pleasure. Which have been divinely inspired? See for yourself…

“Hey, maybe the Holy Father will even swap #YOPO in during the Eucharist. Well, if I can’t be there for that, well, then FOMO.” –David Greene, NPR

“Even breweries are getting in on the papal visit. The Cape May Brewing Company, in the seaside town of Cape May, N.J., has created a pale ale to mark the occasion.”–The New York Times

“Argentinians like their beef rare — as rare as a papal visit to the City of Brotherly Love. Few beers are as satisfying with a fresh, juicy, simply grilled steak than a hoppy pale ale. The peppery, piney and citrusy hops are all the seasoning you need to complement the beef’s meaty flavor and its salt-and-pepper crust.” –Evan Benn, Miami Herald food editor, Esquire beer columnist
 “Is it blasphemous or genius or somewhere in between?” --People magazine

“Get it while you can… unless you’re the kind of person who’s willing to wait for a ‘second coming.’” –Food and Wine

“You know how people sometimes  see the image Jesus in a slice of toast or the Virgin Mary on a dog biscuit? Well, around these parts, people will be seeing Pope Francis in the golden glow of a glass of beer.” –Philadelphia Business Journal

“It’s called YOPO. That stands for ‘You Only Pope Once.’ Ask a youth if you still don’t get it.” –Washington Post

“This isn’t even remotely local, but it’s awesome.” –Albuquerque Business Journal

“The idea that they sat in their offices and decided to call their pope inspired brew ‘YOPO’ meaning ‘You Only Pope Once’ and claiming the brew has an ‘unholy amount of hops’ is so white that I have decided that not only are these guys the whitest guys on the planet but I will try everything in my power to get the Pope to take a sip of the YOPO brew, if it’s the last thing I do.” –Barstoolsports.com

“It could be a jocular pontifical greeting: Yo, Po (pe)!… It’s eminently quaffable to match the affable Pontiff!” –examiner.com

“For most Americans and most Pennsylvanians, the trending Twitter phrase “YOPO” – You Only Pope Once – will hold true. Pope Francis’ visit to the Philadelphia marks a once in a lifetime occasion for most residents.” –topix.com

“Dubbed as ‘the people’s Pope,’ Pope Francis goes about his life just like everyone else. He rides the bus on occasion, he pays for his own hotel room, he is just like you and I… Clearly, the sign in America that you are beloved and cherished is a beer inspired after you!” –AOL.com

“В США выпустят ограниченную партию пива в честь Папы Франциска. Об этом сообщила компания Cape May Brewing. Пивовары решили назвать напиток YOPO, что является аббревиатурой фразы You Only Pope Once (Папой бываешь только раз).” –Russia’s gaudete.ru (rejoice.ru)

 “Pope Beer! Amen!” – Cat Country 107.3

“If you really want to cash in on Popemania and get Philadelphia-area residents excited about the pontiff’s visit, what do you do? Give. Them. Beer.” –Newsworks

 “I’m pretty sure Yopo is also a hallucinogenic seed found in Central America.” –Trivia-happy commenter on Reddit.

Overheard At The #YOPO Release

Yesterday was the big day — we tapped #YOPO. Doors opened at noon, and by 12:22, we’d kicked the first keg. By 12:53, we’d kicked the second. People on site — who were lined up and waiting for us to let them in — described the beer as “light and citrusy,” “delicious,” and “HOLY GUACAMOLE, THAT’S GOOD!” Here’s what else we overheard:

“I wouldn’t say I’m nervous about the amount of people about to descend upon the brewery; we’ll bust through it! I  just hope they know they’re only allowed to have one each…” –Tasting room associate Courtney Gingrich, far right, Litiz, PA:


“If you can’t get to Philly to actually see the Pope, having #YOPO is the next best thing.” — Ginny Murray with husband Hugh, North Cape May:

“The brewery’s next topical release? Well, it’s fall, and Trump’s running for president. How about, instead of a Pumpkin beer, a Trumpkin beer?” –Phil Szczur (right), Cape May County:


“I first heard about #YOPO by surfing the local internet.” — Renee McComas, Goshen:


“This isn’t at all sacrilegious. #YOPO honors the Pope’s visit, and shows the diversity of his appeal.” –John Cooke, Cape May, with CMBC blogger Diane Stopyra:


“If we could ask the Pope one question, it would be: ‘What kind of beer do YOU drink?'” – M., L., A., R., and M., Cape May County:


“It feels fantastic!” — Donna Wicker, Philadelphia, on being the first in line for a #YOPO growler:


“I had to wear a Dallas jersey today… they won last night!” — Troy Boone Jr with Amanda Angjelo, Atlantic City:


“Yep, this beer definitely lives up to its tagline, “unholy amount of hops”… and it’s great! — Jim and Lindsey Zolna, Kim Bare, Patty Cullen:


Thanks for coming out, guys. Now go in peace.

(Big thanks to Aleksey Moryakov and Exit Zero magazine for snapping these photos.)

The Best #YOPO Tweets So Far

The story of our #YOPO (You Only Pope Once) beer has gone viral. Outlets from Philly to Chicago to Washington to Hawaii to New Zealand want a piece of this papal news so, of course, the Twittersphere has picked up the buzz. Here are the #YOPO tweets that have made us chuckle so far, and we’ll keep the list updated…



Keeping Up With The #YOPO Craze

Our #YOPO (You Only Pope Once) release, meant to commemorate Pope Francis’ visit to Philly this month, is still garnering attention from major media outlets. The latest to shoot at the brewery in recent weeks? Fox and Friends morning show.

Anchor Anna Kooiman and her crew arrived to the tasting room at 8:03am, before sampling the beer of the hour and calling it “delicious.” Then, Ryan led them to our main production facility, where Anna was a good enough sport to wear safety goggles before adding some hops to our kettle. 

“It was fast and furious and we had a lot of fun,” says CMBC’s Marketing Guru Alicia Grasso. “Anna was so enthusiastic and her crew were a pleasure to work with.”

The segment should air — tentatively — on September 14 between 6 and 9am, or on the weekend before (we’ll keep you posted as we learn more).

In the meantime, here are some #TBT pics for you…



ryan and anna



The Countdown Is On: #YOPO

The suspense is killer. #YOPO comes out on September 21, and the pale ale is still creating a media stir…

Exhibit A: This segment, which made the front page of WSJ video…


And exhibit B: this video from Fox & Friends Morning Show…





Pope Prep

To commemorate Pope Francis’ visit to Philadelphia this September, we’re releasing a beer called #YOPO, or ‘You Only Pope Once.’ emoji

We played around with the idea of a beer made with Argentinian hops, in order to pay homage to the pontiff’s home country. Here’s the email our Prez Ryan sent to several Argentinian breweries:

Hola, Mi nombre es Ryan y yo ejecutar una cervecería (capemaybrewery.com) en los EE.UU.. Quiero hacer una cerveza con lúpulo argentinos, pero no puedo encontrar ninguna para comprar. ¿Sabes dónde puedo comprar saltos argentinos o podemos comprar una pequeña cantidad de usted? Necesito unos 5 kilos.

We also considered incorporating other unusual ingredients, like yerba mate, a caffeinated beverage made from the flora of South American rainforests and a favorite drink of Pope Franics.

But, alas, it’s not easy getting foreign hops through customs. And exotic rainforest teas aren’t  the most practical, either.

canonization_2014-_the_canonization_of_saint_john_xxiii_and_saint_john_paul_ii_14036966125So we settled on something even better: a pale ale containing an unholy amount of hops – about three pounds per barrel. This amounts to nine varieties, including several – like Simcoe and Citra — which were named “winners” in a recent report from the Brewers Association for being types most lusted after by craft beer makers.

“The final product pairs great with a nice cut of Argentinean beef,” says CMBC sales rep Justin. (Heh.)

#YOPO will be available at our tasting room beginning Monday, September 21, and in accounts throughout Philadelphia and New Jersey mid-September.

“We’re always looking for ways to push the envelope,” Ryan says. “At the same time, it’s never a gimmick we’re after. #YOPO will get a laugh from pop culture enthusiasts, sure, but it’s also a tasty and layered beer in its own right.”

We can’t wait for you to try a heavenly pint.

In the meantime, follow CMBC’s social media channels to check out the Pope, er, the Flat Pope, as he comes on the beer journey with us.

First up: kegging!


...it was very exciting to be part of a company that was in such a growth trajectory so quickly, there almost wasn’t time to say no....

Not Your Average, Ordinary Kind of Woman

She rushes onstage midway through the second act, beautiful and barely put-together, apologizes for missing her entrance due to an uncooperative shoe, then launches into a huge, tongue-in-cheek chorus number about her ordinariness. She sings:

I’m your average, ordinary kind of woman:
Competent and neat,
Making life a treat.
Others as nice
You meet often, I know.
At least once or twice
Every decade or so.

This is Catherine from Stephen Schwartz’s musical Pippin. And, truly, she’s anything but ordinary: a widow raising a child and running a farm — two things that couldn’t have been ordinary in the time of Charlemagne but made perfect sense in a 1972 musical comedy.

Also, this is CMBC’s very own Marketing Communications Manager, Alicia Grasso, who played Catherine while pursuing a BFA in Theatre at Montclair University. Like Catherine, Alicia will insist on her ordinariness, but anyone who knows her and works with her will attest to the fact that she’s anything but.

Read More

Why I Ride: Brandy Dianno

We’re getting stoked for City to Shore, the mammoth biking fundraiser sponsored by the National MS Society. Until the October event, we’ll be profiling members of the Cape May Brew Co cycling team to find out what inspires them. Hopefully, this will encourage others to join their ranks. (Hint, hint.)

Brandy (on the left) with her sister Nicle Dianno before last year's ride.
Brandy (on the left) with her sister Nicle Dianno before last year’s ride.

Name: Brandy Dianno

Age: 23

Hometown:  Northeast Philadelphia

Occupation: Full-time student

Number of years on the Cape May Brew Co team: This will be my 2nd.

Why I ride: I was turned on to the MS Bike Race through my sister and her boyfriend who are also on the team. I enjoy participating in athletic events, especially if it supports a good cause, so I gave it a try last year and loved it. My sister and I did the race side by side and it was awesome! I also loved the atmosphere and the enormous support surrounding those with MS and the cyclists. Last year I rode to see if I could do it. This year, I ride to support those who can’t. I ride as a member of a great team. I ride to not only challenge myself, but to challenge others to care more about contributing to a cause wholeheartedly, even if that disease does not directly affect them.

Why I ride on the CMBC team: I was invited to join this team through my sister’s boyfriend, Kyle, who has been a member for years. The CMBC team was amazing… they were all extremely welcoming, supportive and dedicated to the ride and to the cause. Although my sister and I were new last year, they made us feel like we’d been a part of the team forever. CMBC is very devoted to raising as much as they can to support the MS Society. We get emails from team leaders to help motivate us to keep raising money and to stay in shape for the race! CMBC really cares about what they are doing here and I couldn’t ask to be on a better team.

What my go-to CMBC brew after a long training ride is: Mop water, but I’m excited to try #YOPO!

What my training looks like: I train for Spartan Races as well as the MS City to Shore so I do a bit of cross training. I try to get in as many bike rides as I can, especially because I got a new bike I need to get used to it (I rode a mountain bike last year, ouch). But mostly I lift three times a week and try to fill the rest of the week in with cardio/ bike rides. My sister and I also try to organize a bike ride every Sunday morning but we have not had success due to our busy, opposite schedules. Ugh.

Fundraising Goal: I would like to say it would be more then $300 to help support the cause but being a poor college student with fellow poor college students as a majority of my friends it makes it difficult to even reach $300. In years to come I hope to try and raise $1000 each year.

What I’ll feel like at the finish: Well…last year I made the mistake of riding my dad’s 20 year old mountain bike because I didn’t have one of my own. I could barely move after the race. This year I hope to feel exhausted yet feel my legs after the race. However, mentally I hope to feel the same as last year which was grateful that I could do it and grateful to be supporting those with MS, and ready to sign right back up for next year!

What I need people to know: You don’t need to have a direct connection to somebody with MS to contribute and ride for the cause. Every little bit helps and it is definitely worth your time and effort. Also, NEVER DO THIS RACE ON A MOUNTAIN BIKE.

City to Shore will take place on October 3 and 4. To join the team or make a contribution, visit the Cape May Brewing Co page at nationalmssociety.org.

CMBC for Villanova

St. Thomas of Villanova Church

Villanova University’s 174th year was a good one. For the first time, they’re ranked nationally on US News and World Report’s list of Best Colleges and Universities, coming in at #50. They’ve exceeded their capital campaign goals with a year-and-a-half left in the initiative, and they’re expanding their presence on Lancaster Avenue, adding a performing arts center and parking garage, among other things. One of their well-known alums, Matt Szczur, helped the Cubs win their first World Series since the Edwardian era, and, of course, there was that little thing about the second NCAA basketball championship in the school’s history.

However, it looks like their 175th year is shaping up to be even better. They’re starting the year ranked first in college hoops, their academics are still going strong….

…and they’ve asked two of their alumni — namely Ryan and Hank — to brew the official beer of their demisemiseptcentennial. (Yes, that’s really a word.)

How cool is that?!? For most of us, the only thing our beloved alma mater has ever asked us to do is send a check. Our favorite boys get to be a part of their alma mater’s 175th anniversary.

“It’s pretty cool,” Ryan says. “Hank and I loved our time at ‘Nova — it’s where we met, after all. Being asked to be part of this moment in the school’s history is both exciting and humbling. It’s great to have a chance to give something back to the school that gave us both so much.”

The Awakening, better known as “The Oreo”

“It’s a big deal,” Hank says. “It’s a great connection to have. A lot of the Villanova guys are big fans of CMBC, so it’s been really great that they’ve asked us to be a part of the 175th anniversary.”

Villanova reached out to us earlier in 2016 to gauge our interest. (We think that Pope Francis put in a good word for us after #YOPO. That had to be it.) We were definitely interested, but there were some questions yet to be answered. Jimmy and Brian began putting their heads together for some recipe ideas, and Ryan and Hank crunched some numbers. Thankfully, all of the moving parts came together and we jumped on board.

Now, we bring to you Demisemiseptcentennial Ale, because of course that’s its name. It’s been fun trying to fit that on a bottle.

Yes, it’s going to be bottled! It’s our first new bottling run of 2017, and we couldn’t be more proud. You’ll be able to find it at your favorite bottle shop later this month, along with seven of our other fine creations. It’s a great addition to an already-robust bottle lineup.

Corr Hall

With a name like “Demisemiseptcentennial Ale,” you can probably guess what variety of hops we used. A name like that is just begging for a hefty dose of centennial hops. Combine them with some German Pilsner malts and our House Ale yeast, and you’ve got a clean and easy-drinking pale ale for the ages. At 4.5% ABV, this brew is eminently crushable, perfect for quaffing as you cheer the Wildcats to a repeat of last year’s huge basketball season.

We’re currently in the process of signing on all of the major Villanova bars up on the Main Line, since this is something that’s going to make their clientele go slightly insane. We plan on distributing this one much like we do all of our other brews, so, no matter where you are in the area, you’ll be able to have a little piece of Villanova at your corner bar.

The response from the bars in the area has been outstanding. The vast majority of them have signed on sight-unseen, not even tasting the brew, only our reputation and the concept for the brew to go on. Mop Man has been pounding the pavement up on the Main Line and in the surrounding areas.

“If I get two cases of beer, I’ll have fifty accounts,” Mop Man says. “The interest is high and demand will be great.”

The official release of this brew in New Jersey will be Friday, January 27th in the Tasting Room and at the Andy Talley Bone Marrow Foundation’s Second Annual Szcz the Day Dinner. Held at the Cape May Convention Center, the evening honors Villanova alum, Cape May’s own Matt Szczur, and CMBC has signed on to be the official beer sponsor. Matt donated bone marrow several years ago, saving the life of an adorable girl in the Ukraine named Anastasia. Since then Matt and his wife Natalie give much of their time in the offseason to this worthy cause.

However, we’ll have a sneak peek for our dedicated fans on Wednesday, January 25th. To kick off the dinner, we’ll have a pint night, with $1 off each pint being donated to the Andy Talley Foundation. There’ll be a special one-off, and Matt will be there to help us raise some cash. It’s our first charitable cause of the new year, and you’re not going to want to miss it.

And we know you’ll want to have your fridge fully-stocked come March 14. The Madness starts then, and only six games will separate Villanova from their third National Championship. (Are we jinxing it? We’d better stop.)

There’s a lot more information to come on Demisemiseptcentennial Ale. This is an exciting time for us — and the Philly region in general: reigning National Champions, Matt Szczur winning the World Series, people get to learn the word “demisemiseptcentennial”. We’re in for a fun ride, and we’re thankful to bring you along.

I don’t know why I didn’t do this a long time ago.

Welcome Dave!

You’d probably be surprised at how many teachers we have working here, either over the summer or as a second job.

Our latest Beertender is no different. Dave Morrison teaches third- and fourth-grade music at Maud Abrams Elementary School in North Cape May.

And now, he’s the latest member of the Brew Crew!

Welcome Dave!

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